4 Ways to Make Your Live Chat Software More Engaging

Over the years, the target market of many industries has changed to be more tech-oriented. While this has increased the demand and usage of effective live chat software, you also have to ensure that you’re making use of this software in the right manner. While some users actively like to make use of live chat as they shop, for others the live chat screen can become annoying with ease.

Making a few changes and deploying best practices can allow you to make use of this software in a skillful manner. In fact, more businesses are realizing that certain things can actually make the live chat feature an essential tool for your consumers. 

Effective live chat software for engaging software

If you’re curious, the following are a few ways that you can make your effective live chat software more engaging:

  1. Personalizing the Greeting

Consumers respond well to personalization and it adds a human quality to any service you are offering. With your live chat feature, you should also try to personalize the welcome message as much as possible. This doesn’t mean that you call them out by their name; this can be very unsettling and creepy. 

Instead, make it a bit generic. Your greeting can be a simple one such as “It looks like you’re interested in xyz. Have any questions? We can answer them right now.” Greetings like these improve engagement and if someone is genuinely interested and has questions, you can help them make their minds to pick the product or not. 

  1. Effective live chat software should be able to Minimize

Proactive live chat options are favored because they can boost your sales by as much as 32%. On the other hand, it can be very annoying for certain consumers as well. Optimize your live chat software so that it can be minimized if it isn’t needed. 

It can be very annoying for the consumer to go from page to page on the website with the chat window opening on each page. This can end up driving your consumers away. Just make sure that the window banner is in a noticeable color, easy to access and visible for your consumers. 

  1. Have Templates of Messages

Live chat features are loved because they are so fast. As compared to email, phone and even social media, live chat has the fastest response time, averaging from 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Due to this factor, people do expect to get faster replies and responses. 

You can boost your response speed by making use of templates that your team can use. These can be for certain questions such as “How can I help you? Would you like a transcript?” It’s a good idea to make scripts which can help you enhance your responses and also speed up the process exponentially. 

  1. Making Chat Requests Automatic

It’s a good idea to make effective live chat software that accept chat requests automatically. If your customer support team is busy, they can be given a small notice that someone will be with them shortly through multiple website chat software applications. This keeps the consumer engaged and ensures that they don’t go away. In this manner, you can also reduce the overall leads and conversions you are able to generate as well.

By following these tips, you can see that there will be a marked difference in the engagement level of your website chat feature.