HelpOnClick Live Chat Introduces Advanced Engagement Options

HelpOnClick introduces updates in the “Code” area (Admin -> Code) of the live chat operator panel. The updates are available for all users on all plans. 

As you may already know, all the HelpOnClick plans include free chat setup on up to five websites. From now on you can customize unlimited variants of each engagement option for every website. 

Our engagement options are: a live chat toolbar, a widget, an icon, a combination of a widget and an icon, a direct link and an iframe. When you register a new account, on the Code tab you will see three options: an icon, a widget and a toolbar. Click on the blue buttons on the top to add more options. If you want to implement several options on the website, you need to copy the code and paste it to your website separately for each option. If you are our current customer, on the code tab you will see all the six options. You can remove those which you do not use by clicking on the Remove link. You can also add more options if needed.

Live chat toolbar

How can you benefit from this update? Here are a few examples.

Example 1. You can set up a live chat toolbar linked to your sales team on your pricing page, and a toolbar linked to your service team on the help pages. They may have different colors and eye-catchers. 

Example 2. On different pages you can locate your live chat toolbar differently. It can have a horizontal or vertical positions on different pages.

Example 3. If you prefer icons to engage visitors into chat, you can also use various types of them, depending on a page. They may vary in colors, images or texts. 

You have a great opportunity to play with the settings and find the best combination of engagement options for your website. 

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