No, You Should Not Be That Negative When Chatting With Clients

Customers do not always need to see or hear a customer service representative to understand their mood or attitude. Even via live chat the words you choose can tell a lot to your customers.

We often start our sentences with the “NO” word. 

negative phrases in live chat

Compare the situations:

– Do you have this shirt in black color? 

– No, we only have it in grey. 

– Well, ok, I’ll get the grey one. Can you deliver it tomorrow? 

– No, we can deliver it in two days.

– Should I pay for it now?

– No, you can pay on delivery. 


– Do you have this shirt in black color? 

– This model comes only in grey. 

– Well, ok, I’ll get the grey one. Can you deliver it tomorrow? 

– We can deliver it in two days. Will it be convenient for you?

– Should I pay for it now?

– You can pay on delivery when you make sure that it fits you well.  

The information is the same in both cases, but it is delivered in different ways. How would a customer feel in the first case? Looks like the agent is not willing to help and just wants to get rid of the customer. There is an opinion that you need to get three “yes” in a row from a client to get them buy. What if you hear three “no” from an agent? Sounds like this is not the product that you are looking for. Though you can see that the third offer works better for the client, as he does not have to pay immediately. But when the information is wrapped in a negative sentence, it sound like a worse option. 

Positive phrases show your positive attitude and readiness to help. Positive sentences sell more than negative. So open your chat scrips in the archive and check how often you use negative phrases. Copy out all negative sentences and transform them into positive ones, when possible. Next time when a similar situation happens, use the new positive phrase.

Good luck in chatting with clients and delivering better customer service!

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