5 Ways the Top Digital Platforms Can Boost Business

The top digital platforms have a few commonalities that are universal. You can move into the digital sphere for advertising, customer outreach, customer service, and any number of other things. No matter what, it’s an asset to your e-commerce store. Even if you don’t have a shop, but you still provide a product or service, you can use a digital advertising platform, social media, or a live chat program to improve nearly every area of your business. Think about it. What business owner doesn’t dream of heftier profits?

top digital platforms

You Can Tailor Your Digital Platforms to Your Customers

The best platforms are mind readers. Have you ever read a blog or a website that makes use of Google Adwords, for example? How about a site that uses Google Shopping? The ads that appear depend on the person visiting the website. Links and search terms correspond with items that the visitor has searched lately. Guests who see the things they desire are generally pleased. In a way, it makes them feel heard.

Even beyond that, you need to place yourself where your market is. That might involve changing your customer service strategy to please your base. Do your customers prefer to spend time on the phone with service agents? Are you targeting a group who enjoys corresponding via email over all else? Maybe your market consists of people who want convenience more than anything. In that case, your best bet is a live chat customer support system. It’s an up-and-coming digital platform that’s quickly replacing phone support, and not just because it costs less to implement.

It’s Easy to Look Beyond the Norm

Social media services are among the top digital platforms, in no small part due to how popular you are. In this case, it pays to venture beyond the traditional social media giants, however. Far too few businesses consider the potential behind visual social media platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

On Instagram, not only can you sponsor ads that appear in the feeds of your target users, but you can also reach out to your client base using visual pull. On your Instagram account itself, advertising is easy. Just point viewers to a link in your caption. Use your hashtags wisely. More importantly, you can highlight your product or philosophy with eye-catching imagery. You also have the option of reaching out to Instagram influencers who can boost your brand and get your name out there.

Snapchat’s geofilter feature presents a wealth of opportunities, as well. Anything that can target your base and make them feel special, that’s your aim. Geofilters and notifications from any app can work for you. Geofilters increase brand awareness, plus they give your fans a chance to participate.

YouTube is much the same, but there’s the opportunity to come up with the next viral sensation. Even if it’s just a fun, low-budget commercial or an absurd clip, YT videos go viral every day. If you’re lucky enough to delight the Internet at large, then your brand recognition will go through the roof.

Psychographic Targeting Is Foolproof

The name appears menacing, but psychographic targeting is no different than those target ads on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. These adds have the potential to yield an unbelievable return on investment. Whether it’s a quirky shirt, a must-have makeup product, or the latest in fishing gear, these ads are ubiquitous. They seep into the conscious of your audience to the points that they have to buy what you advertise.

It’s All Free Advertising

The top digital platforms present low-cost ways to increase your reach and recognition. It’s not just about geofilters, commercials, and specific ads. Reaching out to your customers through social media is the best way to inspire brand loyalty, especially in the age of the smart device. People remain glued to their phones. The least you can do is take advantage of that, particularly considering how many of them are using various social media accounts at the time.

Engaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter does more than merely introduce your brand. Going back and forth with customers gets everyone talking. You have the chance to go viral here, too. See Wendy’s Twitter feed, for example. A savvy social media plan is theoretically the only advertising you ever need.

Although this doesn’t apply to advertising, digital platforms are less expensive all the way around. Relying on live chat agents to work in your customer service department, for instance, costs less than traditional phone support. Besides, you already know that modern customers love to do their business online.

You Start to Think Differently

Relying on digital platforms has an unexpected benefit. It changes the way you think. Once you see how you can separate all the individual functions in your business, where you can combine them, and how you can multitask, cutting costs occurs organically. More to the point, you can see which departments in your company add value, and which ones add unnecessary costs. It’s often easier to find out what your competition is up to, as well.

In nearly any area of business, you’ll find the top digital platforms that promise to increase your profits, improve your methodology, and streamline your processes. Only you know what your business needs, however, so you need to compare each platform carefully. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and don’t fear this trend toward the digital. In time, it will not only make your job easier, but it will also result in more profits and improved customer retention. Have you considered making the move over to a digital platform?