5 Methods to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Forty-eight percent of people who had negative experiences with a company told 10+ people about it, and only twenty-three percent of customers who had a positive experience told 10+ people about it. How many satisfied and unsatisfied customers does your business have? How can we measure customer satisfaction?

When we talk about customer satisfaction, we think of the following measurements:

  • Perceived quality
  • Loyalty
  • Attributional satisfaction
  • Intention to repurchase

Perceived quality is the overall experience with your company. Loyalty is readiness to recommend your company to a friend. Attributional satisfaction is satisfaction with a part of your business, for example, your location or new interior design. Intention to repurchase shows if you customers want to buy your products on a regular basis, or if they are ready to renew their subscription when it ends.

While you need to ask different questions to measure different types of satisfaction, the following methods may suit for all of them.

1. Examine recent correspondence customers have sent and your live chat archive. See if your customers use a lot of emotive words, whether they are positive or negative. Pay attention at the cases when your customers mention that they are still waiting for a response, or when they contact you via chat because there is no answer via email.

2. Use feedback tools of your help desk and live chat software. Ask your customers to rate your service according to a 5-star system or a 10-point scale. HelpOnClick help desk and live chat software have a 5-star rating system, which allows you to measure customer satisfaction.

Measure customer satisfaction

3. Conduct a survey. You can create a web-based survey and invite your customers to participate via email. A simple questionnaire can be created via Google forms for free. Make the questionnaire short and clear to attract more respondents.

4. Call random customers and ask them what they think about your products and your company. Or follow up on a recent call and find out if your customers were happy with the service.

5. Monitor social media and review websites. See if you get positive or negative reviews, get in touch with the customers who review your products foe better customer service.

It is important to measure your success, because it is the only way to see if your service gets better. The above methods are very simple and cheap, they are available for every business. No matter how big or small your business is, measuring customer satisfaction is a must for you.