Helpful Abandoned Cart Email Ideas

Abandoned cart emails are a great tool to increase online conversion rates. These emails can be sent to customers to remind them about abandoned online shopping purchases, and bring them back to the site. Research has shown that using abandoned Cart Email Ideas improve revenues from 8 percent to 20 percent.

However, not all abandoned Cart Email Ideas prove useful. You need to craft the email carefully to improve the chances that customers are influenced to return to the site and complete their purchase. Here we have listed some tips that can help you to craft a useful abandoned cart email for your website.

Cart Email Ideas

How to use Abandoned Cart Email Ideas in Increasing Sales

1. Make Use of Humor

You should consider using humor as one of the abandoned cart email ideas to influence customers to complete the purchasing process. Consider including a cute picture of a cat, dog, or even a penguin requesting the user to come back and finish completing their purchase. Take the opportunity to inject some creativity and humor; a solid punch line will establish an emotional connection between your business and the customer. That extra little connection can convince the customer to go back to the site and complete their check out.

2. Limit the Number of Emails

You should put a cap on the number of emails that are sent to customers who have abandoned a cart. No customer should receive an abandoned email more than once during a 60 day period. Also, you should have the option for the customer to opt out from the reminder email. Bombarding customers with multiple emails will annoy them and even lead to legal trouble.

3. Personalize the Email

Another abandoned cart email idea includes personalization, which is a trendy word when it comes to customer service. You should consider customizing the email so that it makes a more positive impact on your customer as a generic abandoned cart email just won’t cut it. You should address the customer by name in the email and consider adding complementary or substitute goods based on the purchase option of the customer. This process will increase the chances that the customer will return and complete the purchase process.

4. Importance of Visuals

You should make sure that the abandoned cart email contains some picture or a video. Avoid sending a bland and boring email to customers. Besides, you can have a mobile live chat solution by adding a visual element to the email will make it look exciting and ‘alive.’ This addition will increase the chances that your customers become hooked to the email and revisit the site to make the purchase.

5. Make an Enticing Offer

Finally, another abandoned cart email idea would be to make an enticing offer to customers to make them come back to your site. Consider offering them discounts or free shipping for a limited time offer. Also, you can offer them free complementary products on a purchase because everyone likes a good bargain. You should entice them with a proposal that they can’t reject. Apart from using an abandoned email, you can also persuade customers through live chat support.

You can make a live chat icon pop up once a customer clicks on the checkout button. The customer service personnel can ask the customer for any help needed with the purchase process. This interaction will increase the chances that the customer completes the purchase.