How to Personalize Live Chat Customer Service

People are shopping online today more than ever before. In fact, they are the reason for the doom of many well-known brick-and-mortar retail stores. However, the large number of online stores has made it challenging to make a mark and attract customers. Today companies need to give a personal touch to Live Chat Customer Service. A personalized customer service experience results in an increased chance of making sales on digital platforms.

personalize Live Chat Customer Service

Personalized Live Chat Customer Service for Effective Customer Experience

Here we will walk you through the steps required to personalize the live chat customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

1.  Keep the Conversation Personal

Consider exchanging names at the start of the conversation. Ask customers for their name and provide one for them to use. The reality is that no one likes talking to a screen and communicating with customers by their names will build rapport and trust. Customer service personnel should drop the overly rigid ‘you’ and ‘we.’ Instead, they should kick off a chat and break the ice by using personal names to create a friendlier environment. Customers will likely respond positively to your statements if the conversation is kept familiar and warm, but don’t overdo it!

2. Treat Every Customer Like a VIP

Personalized customer service support personnel should treat every customer like a VIP. During the conversation, they need to make sure that the customer is the center of attention and not the main product or service being offered to them. Also, having a quick response time will keep the customers satisfied as well as showing you appreciate their time.

3. Gather Information

Gathering information from customers will help in providing a customized shopping experience. Live chat is the perfect platform to get to know more about your customers. This platform will allow customer service personnel to provide a targeted service. Customer service personnel can get important customer information such as location, age, purchase history, gender, and other information through a connected help desk software. Equipped with this information, the live chat agents will better know the needs of the customer, personalize the customer experience, and foster long-term loyalty.

4. Utilize Advanced Chat Feature

Personalized customer service personnel can use advanced chat features such as the pre-chat survey to personalize the customer experience. This feature can help the live chat agent know about the problems faced by customers. In this way, they can craft a proactive solution to address their needs. Additionally, live chat agents can use the information from the pre-chat survey to route them to the concerned personnel. Also, agents can look at caller’s history to know more about the customer. This interaction will result in a more personalized and smooth customer service experience.

Whether you serve individuals or big corporations, you can benefit from website live chat integration, and by following the above tips, you can personalize the customer experience which will help increase conversion rates.