Live Chat System & Inbound Lead Generation

Attracting prospects through effective Inbound Lead Generation is important for a business to flourish. Businesses who nurture leads are able to make 50 percent more sales at around 33 percent fewer costs. One effective way that can help you to grow leads without spending a fortune is investing in a live chat system.

Many people, especially Millennials, who are expected to have the most purchasing power in the coming years, are resistive to traditional marketing techniques–including phone and email. Live chat is the best medium to promote the materials and turn them into leads.

Inbound Lead Generation

Automated Greetings

Automated chat pop ups are referred to as “Greetings”’ in live chat lingo. It’s an important way to capture the attention of the prospective customer and enter them into the sales funnel. You should consider setting different greetings to be triggered by different events such as:

  • Returning visitors
  • Popup after a certain interval
  • Visited certain page such as the “Pricing” page
  • Specific user’s country or city
  • Certain searches
  • Specific referral channel

Free Offers

Another effective way to generate leads is through the promotion of free materials using the live chat system. The free material can be anything, such as discount coupons, free eBook, publicity materials, and reports. You can request the customer to enter their email address to gain access to the free material. Make sure that the free material is some way related to the product or should entice the customer to buy the product. Apart from building leads, promoting free materials through Secure live chat solution also builds customer interest and trust and improves brand awareness.

24/7 Live Chat System for Inbound Lead Generation

Consider keeping the Secure live chat solution operational 24/7. After hours represents wasted opportunities. You can greatly increase the incoming leads by keeping your chat open during late and weekend hours. To hire chat agents who can provide services during odd hours, you can visit and

Avoid using the ‘Leave a Message’ offline chat popup. People expect to speak with a live agent. They don’t like being tricked into entering information into an offline chat box.

Make Effective Use of Live Chat Reports

Live chat reports can help you to fine tune your customer service strategy. You use the report to see different statistics relating to department activities. The customer rating reports will allow you to learn about the quality of the customer service your company is offering. This can help you to evaluate the effectiveness of the customer service department and take actions accordingly.

The above tips can greatly help in boosting the leads. Live chat systems are a great way to take your Inbound Lead Generation efforts to the next level. You can generate quality leads that have a high probability of being converted into customers.