Why is Secure Live Chat Software So Popular for Businesses Right Now?

Over the years, the use of secure live chat software has become popular among businesses. And the reason behind its popularity hinges on a lot of different factors. The best part is that all businesses,  whether start ups or established stand to benefit with the use of this software.

While this fact has contributed to its popularity, the following are also a number of different reasons that showcase why live chat is so popular. 

Secure live chat software Makes the Customers Happy

Keeping customers happy is much harder than what you might think. Luckily, one of the easiest ways to make your consumers happy is by offering them the live chat feature as part of your customer support services. Consumers prefer this more than trying to dial the helpline, which can often mean having to endure wait times of 15 minutes or longer.

Through a secure live chat software, they get an instantaneous response and are able to get their issues addressed as quickly as possible. Around 90% of consumers find live chat software to be extremely helpful. Out of this number, a total of 63% said that they will visit a business again if it offers them live chat services for customer support. 

It Helps Businesses Save Money 

Businesses can save money with the use of this software as it helps them save money, particularly costs associated with other channels of customer support services. It’s shown that using live chat allows you to save 17% to 30% of the costs associated with phone services. 

Apart from this factor, many live chat software packages are scalable in nature and can be adjusted as needed and in accordance with the businesses wants and needs. This flexibility is a major reason why many businesses are able to save money when they use it.

Increases Overall Sales

Apart from saving money, live chat also help businesses make money. Consumers who shop with businesses that offer them live chat services are likely to spend and buy more. 44% of consumers think that having live chat software has bigger flexibility compared to other means. 

secure live chat software

Additionally, over 38% of consumers’ state that they chose to shop with a business based solely on the experience and quality of their live chat services. It is easy to see just how live chat can positively affect the overall sales of a business.

It Is a Differentiating Factor

Consumers look for differentiating factors that help to set business apart from the competitors. With so many options, it usually comes down to fine details. Secure Live chat software are a fine detail which many consumers value. Customers are likely to exhibit brand loyalty and become repeat consumers for businesses with live chat services.

Due to this factor, more businesses are starting to use live chat for their businesses. Their popularity is further boosted by the fact that established retailers are embracing live chat solutions.