What Your Customers Want When Complain

Every business has to deal with complaints. Customer complaints help to improve business processes and products when management is open to customers’ opinion. To effectively negotiate with customers you need to understand the reasons that stand behind a complaint.

Customer complaints mean that something went wrong. It can be some major disaster or a trifle, in any case you should think of it as of an opportunity for improvements.

customer complaints

Customers want you to fix the problem

That’s what your customers normally want. They do not expect you to be perfect, they want you to fix problems when they happen. Some issues should be fixed immediately. Sometimes customers are ready to wait. Some issues can be fixed easily, and some require imagination. But there is one common rule: fix a problem on the first request. That is the best way to save your reputation. Every new request regarding the same issue is a step forward to losing your customer.

Customers want to hear your excuses

Emotions are a big part of customer experience. Disappointed customers may not need to return or replace a product, they want their mood fixed. Sometimes sincere apology is all they need. When your customers complain, acknowledge the problem quickly and apologize. That will save you money and efforts in resolving the issue.

Customers want to help you

Your customers may wish you all the best, and their complaints may have nothing to do with refunds and returns. They may complain because they like you, and they wish you grow and improve. Simply speaking, they want to help you. Appreciate their help and acknowledge their input in your business growth. It can make them loyal customers.

Customers want to break up with you

Sometimes you can do nothing to keep a customer. If they decide to inform you that they are leaving and tell you why, listen to them carefully. They make you a present when explain a reason for leaving, because most customers leave without a notice. Make friends with those who are leaving you and they will tell you how to keep other customers.

Positive feedback from customers is encouraging, but negative feedback shows you the ways for improvement. Appreciate customers who complain.