Integrate Chat Into Your Website & Lower Customer Service Cost

Providing dedicated customer service is costly. According to the report of Worldwide Industry Benchmark, the average cost per inbound call is $3. When dealing with hundreds of customers in a day, the cost of servicing the customers can turn out to be a large sum indeed. For customers services some businesses have incorporated the use of Customer Care Chatting through website chat mobile app and applications.

Businesses  and customer service companies that opts for Customer Care Chatting systems have added advantages in terms of cost and customer satisfaction. Here we will take a look at some tips, like choosing to integrate chat into your website, that can help in significantly reducing the customer service cost without affecting the quality.

website Customer Care Chatting

Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems can help increase the customer satisfaction and reduce customer service cost. Installing IVR can significantly lower the cost per call. Suppose the agent costs $3 per call, and the calls processed through IVR cost about 60 cents per call. For simplicity, let’s suppose that both can make 50 calls in a day.

  • The total cost of agent amounts to $3 x 50 = $90
  • The total cost of IVR equals 60¢ x 50 = $30

In this example, the IVR call costs half the cost of the agent-assisted call. For companies that process hundreds of calls each day, the savings from installing IVR system can turn out to be a large sum.

Website Chat Integration

Choosing to integrate chat into your website is one of the best ways to lower the customer service cost. Implementing live chat can also increase the efficiency of the customer service representatives resulting in improved customer satisfaction. Wells Fargo had reported high customer satisfaction and a double-digit increase in online customers when it implemented online chat services.

With live chat web software, customer representatives will be able to handle multiple chats at the same time. This will cut the need for the companies to hire additional customer service representatives. Since the employees will be able to address multiple clients at a time, it will also cut the waiting time for customers to zero.

Educate the Customers about the Customer Care Chatting

Self-help options can drastically reduce the load on customer service representatives. Companies can adopt self-service practices that will allow customers to search for the information online. This includes creating and publishing FAQs related to the product or service. Another solution is investing in a knowledge database that supports natural language processing capacities. The knowledge base can be kept stocked with the latest content.

A company should actively promote the self-help services through social media, announcements, emails, and the customer service agents. When the customers know about the product or services, they will less likely turn to customer support staff.

By embracing the best practices and tips mentioned above, like taking the time to integrate chat into your website, your company can significantly reduce the load of repetitive calls, chats, and emails. The customer service representatives will be able to handle more customers in a day resulting in reduced customer service cost.