How to Effectively Customize Website Chat Support

Future trends for marketing and buyer behavior all point to one major factor – customization. This relates to the service, the shopping experience and more. However, most people do not understand how to do live chat customization effectively.

Most will go out of their way for businesses that know their preferences. The shopping and buying experience is made more unique in this manner.

Similarly, you need to live chat customization in your website chat support options. Your consumers will not only expect it but they will want to come back to your business again and again. Now,  live chat customization of website chat support can differ but the following are some major ways that you can do so.

Ways of doing live chat customization effectively

Custom Colors

Always make sure that you add custom colors to your website chat support system. This can either be done to make it match the colors of the website or in accordance with the colors of the company’s logo. Additionally, you can also use a bit of color psychology. Red and orange are warm and welcoming colors, whereas blue and green are cold but trust-building colors.

Certain colors can also make the chat stand out visually. This can tie in the website chat support with your company. It’s a good idea to make sure that you aren’t using colors that are too vibrant. Electric yellow is not a good option since it can be annoying to your eyes.

Live chat customization

Using Avatars or Banner Images

Another useful way to customize website chat support is by using custom banners or avatar images. Avatars are your way of adding a human touch to your chat. Always use an image of your support team members, making sure that they are in official attire. When using a banner, use a good resolution image which will not get pixilated or distorted.

It’s also a good idea to try out which feature gets better responses. Some consumers prefer avatars, whereas others might prefer banners. Even if you’re not seeing much of a difference, using imagery will still make a marked difference. Additionally, you might also want to try using both avatars and banners which can make your chat more in line with the company’s imagery.

Automating Responses

It’s a good idea to use automated responses for your consumers. It saves time and allows for the customer to get the swift response they have come to expect with website chat support. However, personalize the automated comment as well. Instead of saying “Hello, how can I help you?” your chat message can be improved by using “Hello, welcome to xyz business where we make all your dreams come true. How can I help you out today?”

Including a company quote or motto can help to tie in the feeling that the business is invested in making sure that this particular customer has a good experience. Automating in this manner can ensure that you’re able to give an unparalleled experience in customer support.

With the help of these tips, you can customize your website chat support without any difficulties.