Avoid Being an Average Joe and Become a Customer Service Rockstar

Customer service has become increasingly complex today. However, it still is an important component of a business success. Customers today expect effective, easy, and personalized service. And offering them exactly what they want is the perfect receipt to becoming a customer service rock star.

personalized service

While the concept of offering effective and personalized service is easy, the actual steps to achieve the goal are far from easy. This is a problem that many businesses are struggling with today. A study conducted by NewVoiceMedia had revealed that companies lose about $62 billion daily due to low quality customer service.

Knowing about the ways to deliver exceptional customer service will go a long way in boosting business profits. Here are 5 ways in which you can ensure exceptional customer service delivery that will ultimately benefit the business.

Steps Of Creating A Personalized  Service For Customers.

1. Consider Multiple Contact Points

The days when newspapers and TV advertisement were enough to connect with the customers are long gone. Today, you need to utilize multiple channels to connect with the customers. It’s important to pay attention to important touch points including websites, social media, and even mobile apps. To make sure that you remain updated about the concerns and issues of the customers, it’s important to utilize the digital channels to connect with the target market.

2. Be Prompt and Responsive

A non-responsive customer service is frustrating for the customers. According to Frost and Sullivan research report, about 41 percent of the customers have stated that being put on hold is the biggest frustration. Make sure that you make the customer service promote and responsive and avoid having the customers to wait long for the service.

3. Get to Know More about the Customers

When you know more about the tastes and preferences of the customers, you will be in a better position to satisfy their needs. Customers today expect personalization. You should get to know more about the customers to serve them in a way that they expect you to serve. Starbucks had once launched a campaign to improve the relationship between the customers and the staff. Customers that introduced themselves were given a free latte. A total of 350,000 free drinks were given to the customers in this way. The information gained through the campaign helped in providing more personalized services to the customers.

4. Be Respectful

Customer service personnel sometimes face strong emotional responses. It’s important that the personnel remain courteous and respectful at all times. Always address the customers in a cordial manner, especially when they are irate. Never let the emotions overtake you during heated conversation with the customers.

5. Diligently Follow Up After the Problem is Solved

At the end of the day, it’s important to follow up with every customer that had called to resolve an issue. Sending a thank you email or an online feedback survey is a good way to make the customers know that the company values their opinions. This is a great customer service gesture that will leave a positive impression on the customers.

Customer service competence is important for companies belonging to both service and non-service sector. Exceptional customer service is the keyword that can help ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The tips mentioned in this article will greatly help in making a positive impression on the customers.