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As a business, it’s important to reach potential customers before they have a chance to click through to another website.  By offering your customers live chat, you give them the opportunity to ask questions while they are at your site before any problems arise.  We offer the ultimate pre-sales/support experience, ensuring they’ll stick around and really check out your products and services and know how to Boost Sales Through Chat Software.

At, we have subscriptions to suit your needs, free 14-day trial options and unlimited updates all at very competitive prices.  Our services work on mobile phones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers using Mac or Windows operating systems and integrate with any internet browser!   It’s that easy.  Adding a live chat widget to your website makes it easy for visitors to transition into potential clients. Whether you’ve got a blog, a small or large business, we’ve got the software and the competitive prices to keep you happy and ensure your customers come back to your site again and again.

Customer satisfaction should be Job #1 for any business.  Incidentally, it’s the number one complaint online customers have and it’s really an easy fix.  Here are some of the features you’ll find with our software:

  • Customizable interface
  • Track and manage customers data and behaviour
  • Send customers proactive chat invitations
  • Common replies and phrases out of the box
  • Virtual agent capabilities

Our competitively priced live chat plans are as follows:

Boost Sales Through Chat Software


The HelpOnClick software enables you link with Google Analytics.  This in turn enables you to work towards optimizing the way online users view the importance of your website.  Optimizing the ranking the importance of your site is crucial to growing your business.  The value of the content of your website estimates the value of the links getting there; more links means more importance and that in turn means more visitors and more potential clients for you.  The use of search engines and social media can increase the traffic on your site exponentially and help Boost Sales Through Chat Software.  Having software that can help you anticipate the needs of your visitors and potential clients translates into easy money.

Even when you’re offline, visitors and clients can leave you a message whenever they need your assistance using the virtual agent.  It’s also a great way to fight spam.  Our software enables you to block spammers, hecklers and abusive visitors easily and painlessly with the touch of a button.  HelpOnClick software can also be configured to give you daily or weekly statistics on the number of visitors that stop by on your website, as well as returning visitors.  Stats can indicate where to improve or change the content of your page. HelpOnClick will help you Boost Sales Through Chat Software and ensure that your website visitors are satisfied.

Take a chance and try the 14-day free trial offer now!