7 Customer Satisfaction Tools That Will Make Customers Love Your Company

Technology has revolutionized customer service. The fact is that customer service landscape had been drastically altered due to the introduction of many technological tools. In this post, you will learn about seven customer satisfaction methods and technologies that can result in improved customer experience and profitability.

1. Mobile Customer Service

Customers expect mobile customer service today. Companies can use customer satisfaction tools to make mobile apps with live chat integration. This will allow customer service personnel to provide support to customers on their mobile devices. Offering mobile customer service can be a key differentiator that can result in enhanced customer satisfaction.

2. Online Self-Service

Self-service is a new trend that is becoming popular in the customer service sector. Around 70 percent of customers had indicated in a survey that they would want customer service personnel to offer a self-service feature such as online knowledge base (KB), a Wiki page, or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. This customer satisfaction tool will not only result in improved customer service, but also reduce the load on existing customer service personnel.

3. Geo-fencing

Geo-fencing is a relatively new customer service trend, which has been gaining traction for the past few years. As one of customer satisfaction Methods, it involves beaming real time notifications to customers’ smartphone in-store. Geo-fencing applications combined with analytics can provide a company with impactful insights that can help improve customer service.

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4. Online Web Chat Support

Online surveys have shown that most customers today expect a live chat feature. Live chat support has become a must-have customer satisfaction tool. Web-chat integration with a website allows companies to offer real-time customer support. This results in enhanced customer service and retention.

5. Online Forums and Social Media

Customers today have become digitally connected. A lot of customers spend the majority of their time in the cyberworld. Companies need to engage with customers through different online channels and forums. These channels are the perfect customer satisfaction tools to increase awareness and provide enhanced customer service.

6. SMS Text Service

SMS is used by almost every smartphone user. Given the potential of SMS as a customer satisfaction tool, companies need to invest in SMS for enhanced customer services. SMS text support allows customer service personnel to handle customer queries promptly and more cost-effectively than through phone support. While this service can result in improved customer service, getting approval from customers is important before implementing this feature.

7. Customer Portal As One Of The Customer Satisfaction Methods

A customer portal allows a company to offer dedicated customer support. Customers can log in to the portal to view purchase history, monitor their order, and obtain personalized customer service. This customer satisfaction tool can result in greatly enhanced customer service result in increased loyalty and repeat business.

With the above customer satisfaction methods, you have the power to provide exceptional customer service. Using the tech tools listed above will result in enhanced customer service, leading to improved revenues and profitability.