5 Tips for Using SMS Customer Service Platform

Customer service is one of the top priorities for a business today. Customer service can be a significant differentiator that can distinguish a company from the competition. In the increasingly homogenous market, companies that focus on improved customer service can win the heart (and wallet) of customers through various SMS Customer Service Platform By the year 2020, experts state that customer service will overtake product and price as the most prominent differentiation. In this post, you will find out how to use short messaging services through the SMS customer service platform.

SMS Customer Sevice Platform

1. Respect Privacy of Customers

You should respect the privacy of customers when it comes to using a short messaging service. Make sure to let your customers opt-in and opt-out of the short messaging feature. Also, you should inform your customer that the use of the mobile phone will not take place with a third-party without permission.

2. Appropriate Timing of Messages

Your customer service personnel should avoid sending messages during inappropriate times. No one likes to receive messages during early mornings or late evenings, and most don’t appreciate receiving them during weekends. The only appropriate time to message is workdays during the afternoon, but Mobile Marketer advises that you should avoid rush hours so as not to annoy your customers.

3. Put a Cap on Messages

People who opt for receiving messages are genuinely interested in your offers. However, they will certainly not appreciate bombarding them with too many notices of your latest pitch. If you don’t put a cap on the number of messages you are sending, it can become an annoyance. Keep in mind that the SMS customer service platform is two-way communication. You should also put a cap on the messages that can be sent by the client. This information is essential to upsetting the process and making it overwhelming for customer service personnel.

4. Craft Quality Messages

Make sure to craft quality messages by editing and checking for factual accuracy. For the mobile live chat solution, ensure the statements are professional and free of any error in order to project a professional image of your company.

5. Make Use of Interactivity Feature

You should make the best use of the interactivity feature of the SMS customer service platform. Consider carrying out mobile polls. Your customer service personnel can create a survey to know about the response of a newly launched product as well as finding out what customers like (and don’t like). This process can help in customizing the customer service and make it more customer-centric.

The above tips can customize and enhance customer service according to the preferences of your customers. You can offer this feature along with social media and live chat support for a one-of-a-kind omnichannel customer service. These tips will result in delivering maximum value to customers and ensuring that they get the best possible service. In the end, this will be well worth the effort when you earn increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.