5 Exceptional Ideas For Customer Service Via Social Media

Exceptional customer service is not optional anymore. You need to go the extra mile to delight clients and prospective leads through customer service via social media. One of the most popular platforms that can help in delighting customers is Facebook, with about 2.2 billion active users all over the world, companies cannot ignore Facebook. However, many businesses don’t know how to serve customers through this essential digital media adequately. In this post, we will reveal some tips that can help you improve customer service through this social media platform.

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Tips for Effective Customer service via social media

1. Create a Social Media Policy

Every business should have a Facebook customer service policy. This is necessary if you plan to engage with customers and make a good impression on them. A social media policy will serve as the framework for customer service personnel to provide exceptional customer service, and will serve as a direction for customer service employees to achieve a healthy and confident presence on Facebook. Furthermore, it will make it easier for your customer service personnel to serve customers.

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2. Address Every Query Appropriately

No query on Facebook should be left unanswered. The customer service personnel needs to respond to every customer query promptly, and should not just give a scripted response to questions. Instead, the answer to every query should be appropriate to the context and situation. Remember that Facebook is a customer service portal. The customer service representatives should treat the social media page similar to the phone and a live chat support channel.

3. Know How to Apologize

Mistakes are bound to happen. Customer reps need to understand when a company commits an error and when the customer is wrong. Avoid being apologetic if the customer faced a problem due to his or her oversight. However, in case the company has committed a mistake, the customer service personnel should know when to offer an apology to the customer.

Accepting mistakes and offering a remedy to the customer is, in fact, an opportunity to make a good impression on online customers. It’s also a great way to provide customer service via social media by either sending a private message to the customer or by making a public post about it. Make sure that you don’t lose that opportunity, and fully capitalize on it to delight customers. This remedy will humanize your company on social media and strengthen bonds with online fans.

4. Give Regular Updates

Customer service personnel should commit to keeping the online social media fans engaged. Therefore, you can provide information as a Live chat via SMS. Avoid neglecting the official social media page by giving updates and sharing stories regarding the company. This process will keep Facebook fans glued to the company’s social media page.

5. Highlight your Prized Fans

Customer service via social media, such as on Facebook, is the ideal way to make your customers feel valued. Occasionally, highlight loyal customers and high-value customers by adding their pics to posts. Also, you can make a valued customer testimonial cover photo. Making an effort to delight customers on Facebook will pay back in the form of increased loyalty and customers. Following the above tips will make a lasting impression with customers on Facebook. These tips will help you build trust with online fans and create an online community where customers will love to hang out.