Еffective Ways to Invite Website Visitors to Chat

Are you creative enough in engaging your website visitors into a live chat with company representatives? There are no «one phrase fits all» solutions here, so you can test multiple options to ensure your website visitors are satisfied.

Manual invitations do not seem the best idea, because they use a standard invitation text. Standard invitation text does not take into account any specific data such as a visitor’s referral URL or a currently viewed page.

Automatic invitations are more flexible in terms of taking advantage of the available information about website visitors.

Here are a few examples.

1. Separate new and returning visitors.

For new visitors you can use a welcome-to-our-website message, and for returning visitors you may write «Welcome back! Got more questions? Start the chat for assistance» or «We are glad to see you again! If any questions arise, feel free to ask here»

2. Mind a referral.

If you are a web designer, you may have traffic from WordPress and Joomla websites. For those who arrived from the WordPress, you may write «We love designing WordPress websites! Start the chat to get a quote». For the Joomla visitors you just replace the «Wordpress» word with «Joomla» word and you sound more personal than saying «We love designing websites!

3. Mind the currently viewed page.

It is more effective to start a conversation with a question about a particular product rather than with general questions. Imagine that a visitor is reading about a design faculty in your college. You may ask «Do you plan to become a designer? Can I tell you about our design faculty?». It will work better than all purpose «How may I help you?» or «Do you have questions about our college?

4. Use call-to-action phrases.

Say NO to the following words: «We are here to help», «We are online», «We will be glad to answer your questions», etc. Instead of that use calling sentences, such as «Got questions? Click here to contact an assistant», «Start a chat to get a quote», Start a chat for personal assistance».

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With web live chat application, there are much more ways to invite visitors to chat. Remember that you can be creative in composing invitation texts and you can be tough-minded using the available information about your website visitors. All the described options can be applied to the HelpOnClick’s live chat invitation settings, under the Admin>Customize tabs. Good luck in your experiments!