Get More Chats With Your Website Visitors

There are two points of view on number of website live chat sessions. Some people say ‘the more the better’ and others believe in the opposite. And both parties have their point. On one side, the more visitors contact you, the better your chances to sell are. On the other side, many inquiries force business owners hire extra chat agents with all that it implies.

We believe that large number of chats is always important. Website owners have more chances to sell products if customers can easily contact the company and talk to a sales agent. If there are a lot of customers who contact you to complain about your products or services, or ask for information that can be found on the website, here you have a signal that something goes wrong. This is good because when you are aware of problems, you can solve them.

How to engage customers into a live chat? Just invite them, manually or automatically. HelpOnClick live chat provides a powerful tool of automated invitations. Go to Admin > Customize > Invitation Window and set up invitation rules. Here are some tips on how you can improve your invitations.

Experiment with invitation texts. Customize default message using the proper style that corresponds to your website content. Search for catching attention phrases. Be creative.

Live Chat - Invitation SettingsConsider visitor’s interest. Set up conditions that should apply for invitation to pop up. You can define referrers and current URL. Let’s say if the current URL contains the word ‘pricing’, ask if the visitor has questions about your pricing options. If referrer URL says that the visitor came from your promotion page, ask if he is interested in promotion details.

Allow visitors to talk to the right person. Why don’t you write “Talk to our CEO” in your invitation window once a week? Your visitors will be pleased. And the accepted chat will be sent directly to your CEO. If there are any specific offers on your website and you have a person responsible for customer communications, specify in your invitation that the visitor will contact the right person on the first try.

Experiment with settings and texts and see what works better for your website. We hope that you can easily increase the number of your live chat sessions and provide timely help to your website visitors.

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