Your Customers are a Great Source of Learning

Your live chat customer service is a great way to help your customers to make decisions and resolve issues. But it is also a great source of information about your customers’ opinion and preferences.

customer service

How often do you read the archived chat scripts? If you are the one who is chatting with customers, you probably don’t need it. But if you are a manager or a business owner who is not responsible for working on the front end, looking through chat scripts will help you better understand customers’ needs.

What can you learn from your chat scripts?

General issues, attitude to your company.

Do your customers normally write in a positive or in a negative tone? Do they mostly inquire or complain?Are your customers happy with the quality of your customer service? The tone of conversations shows you whether your company is doing a good job or there are things to consider.

Problems with your website, products or services.

When there are too many complaints about the quality of your products, you probably know about them. But when there are problems on your website, customers will be the first to tell you about it. For example, if your website visitors quite often ask whether you have an affiliate program, and you do have the information on your website, that means that the navigation on your website is poorly designed, and your website visitors cannot find the required page. That is definitely not the best way to promote your affiliate program.

What your customers want.

Ideas of new features or new services may come from your chat scripts. Learn what your customers want to create better proposals.

How your customer service staff perform.

Are your chat operators able to provide timely help to your customers? Do they resolve most of the issues during a chat session or do they have to escalate them? Are your operators competent enough? Or do they need additional training? Do they successfully apply new knowledge and skills after trainings? Answers to these and other questions may help you understand, whether your operators win or lose customers during chat sessions.

Your customers are a great source of learning, don’t neglect monitoring your chat scripts on a regular basis.