New Feature Available on HelpOnClick Live Chat: File Transfer

HelpOnClick team has released a new feature for all plans. From now on you can upload and transfer files from canned responses as well as directly during a chat session.

HelpOnClick Transfer files

Two ways to transfer files.

1. When you need to send the same file to many visitors, for example, your price lists or commercial offers, it is reasonable to upload them to canned messages and send them in one click.

Files can also be attached to canned responses.

Canned files will be saved on our servers until you remove them from the responses.

2. When you need to send a particular file to a particular person, you can upload it from your PC directly during a chat session. As well as your website visitors can send you files during a chat session if this option is enabled.

These files will be saved on our servers for one month, and removed automatically.

Set up permissions for transferring files.

Log in to your administrator account and set up permissions under the Admin -> Settings tabs.

HelpOnClick Operator Panel File transfer settings

Here you can enable or disable the file transfer option for both operator and website visitor or enable for operators only.

Files lifetime can be set up to permanent or temporary (until the chat session ends). Permanent files  can be downloaded at any time after the end of a chat session. Anyone who has a link to the file is able to download it. For security reasons there is another setting – “Until chat session ends”. All files with such setting must be downloaded during the chat session. They will be unavailable for download after you exit the chat session.

For canned files default permissions can be overridden in the file settings by account administrators.

HelpOnClick Operator Panel Canned Files

For the files that are uploaded during a chat session, default permissions can be overridden during a chat session by operator.


The max file size that can be transferred is 10Mb.

The disc space for files is 200Mb per license.

Files that are uploaded directly to a chat message are saved on our server for one month. If the file has the “permanent” setting, it will be available for download during this month. If the file has the “Until chat session ends” setting, it will be unavailable for download when the chat session ends.

Log in to your account to test the new feature. We would love to hear your feedback, if you have a minute, drop us a line after the tests.

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