Why travel Agencies Must Have Live Chat on Their Websites

Travel agencies have become less popular nowadays because everyone can easily buy a ticket and book a hotel on the Internet within a few minutes. Still some agencies are still alive because of one type of customers. Those who are looking for personal service.

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Clients who still visit travel agencies are looking for a convenient way to book their holiday with the assistance of an experienced agent. Personal service is the most important aspect of travel agencies. Personal service and availability.

We all know that any thoughtfully planned vacation can go wrong in a minute. You can miss your flight, get lost in a new city or lose your money. If you are an experienced traveler you might already know what to do in unpredicted situations. But in the most cases you will want to contact someone who is able to tell you how to resolve the situation. And that will be your travel agent.

Calling the travel agent will be the first thought. But what if the travelers are thousands miles away from home and a call will cost them a fortune? Live chat is the best solution for those who is not able to call. The travelers will only need to find a free WI-Fi and contact the agency for free, no matter how far from home they are.

If travel agencies care about their customers they need to be available to their customer via all possible channels. Live chat is one of the three most popular contact channels. Ignore that fact and lose customers.

Online help via live chat is also very convenient for those who is still planning their vacation. Travel agents can send photos and links during a chat session, and travelers can choose a variant without visiting the agency. Obviously it is not possible to do that via a phone call, and communication will be slow via emails. With live chat travel agents can close a deal in real time and save customer’s time and efforts.

Travel agencies are all about customer service. Customer service is the core of travel agencies. Live chat has become an obligatory part of customer service for those who want to make business online.