Key Metrics for Your Customer Support Team

Customer support can help you make friends with your customers or it can become the reason for losing customers. How is your customer support department doing?

How to ensure that your customer support department is not losing customers? There are a lot of metrics that can be applied to support activities, but for small business you do not need them all. A few key metrics will help you estimate efficiency of your customer support department and plan improvements.

customer support metrics

First Response Time

How long does it take your representatives to respond to a ticket after it is submitted by a customer? Does it take them 30 minutes or 3 days? Are your customers ready to wait for three days? What is the reason for taking three days for a reply? How can you reduce the response time?

First Contact Resolution

What percentage of cases is resolved by your team in a single response? When your customers submit simple questions, you might need to review the help section on your website. When they submit complex issues which cannot be resolved in a single response, you must ensure that cases are not lost and someone keeps an eye on them.

Time to Resolution

How long does it take your support team to resolve a problem? You might want to classify problems to measure this metric. How long does it take your customer support team to resolve an urgent issue? What about the cases, when your clients lose time and money while waiting? Do your clients have wait for a response for ages, if their case is not urgent?

Customer Effort Score

How hard your customers have to try in order to have their problems resolved? This is quite a broad metric, and you can decide how you prefer to measure it. For example, if your customer only needs to make a call, the score is 1. If they need to visit your office, the score is 5. If your office is open 9 to 5, Mon-Fri, the time when your customers are supposed to be at work either, the score is 10.

Inquiries from new customers

What percentage of new customers contact you service center within the first week? Are your customers able to use your product without your help? This metric does not show how well your customer support team performs but rather shows how good your product is. We have decided to include it here because there are some things that affect performance of your customer service team, but do not depend on them. When the rate of inquiries from new customers is high, it alerts you that there is something wrong with your product or business processes.

Start tracking these metrics today, and you’ll get dozens improvement ideas by the end of the week.