The Benefit of Live Chat Website Integration with Google Analytics

It is critical that businesses are aware of the conversion rate of their websites. Without knowing how well your online business is performing, you won’t be able to chart timely and effective strategic actions to turn the situation around. One of the best tools that help business owners to keep tabs on the website performance is Google Analytics.

Live Chat Website Integration with Google Analytics

The online tool allows measuring of different metrics such as click-through rate, bounce rate, keyword traffic and much more. The information can help you to fine tune your business strategy to better engage with the online users.

In this article, we will talk about live chat website integration with Google Analytics. You will find out how your business will benefit from using a live chat tool for a website that integrates with Google Analytics.

Live Chat Website Integration with Google Analytics

Live chat software that integrates with Google Analytics accomplishes a synergy effect between data analysis and live chat. The best thing about this integration is that you will be able to measure the live chat effects as you would analyze website views.

You can use the live chat tool for a website to connect with G A and review the performance of the online chat. It is an efficient way to monitor the live chat customer agent activity. With the live chat tool for website, you can monitor the chat traffic to know the days that are the busiest. You can examine the chats that have been missed as well as the wait times.

The metrics displayed in Google Analytics can help you to know about the live chat customer service performance. You can use the information to anticipate customers’ needs, improve customer service quality and take measures to improve the overall experience for the customers.

The Value-Added Benefits of Live Chat Google Analytics Integration

By utilizing live chat website integration with Google Analytics, you will know about the pages most online visitors chat from. Also, you will know whether the customer service personnel are able to convert the visitors to customers.

Some of the other ways you can benefit from Live Chat and Google Analytics integration include:

  • Optimize the webpage to increase conversion rates
  • Create goals for improving customer service quality
  • Track online visitor behavior before and after the chat
  • Devise strategies to improve customer engagement

Live chat integration with Google Analytics turns it into an enhanced tool that can accurately monitor the impact of chats and create chat conversion reports. Looking at the online visitors’ behaviors will allow you to pinpoint problem areas. Also, you will know more about your customers. This will help in crafting strategies to effectively engage with the customers.


Once you have integrated Google Analytics with the live chat software, you can have wealth of information about customer service performance. You will be able to craft effective strategies to ensure optimal customer service. This will undoubtedly result in improved customer service performance and return on investment.