The Importance of Having Customizable Live Chat Solution

What should you look for when investing in a live chat software solution?

An SSL encrypted layer of security to protect the conversational records. A convenient integration with web analytics tools to design target persona. A virtual agent support to ensure customizable live chat solution round the clock for customer service. An omni platform compatibility to erect a closely coordinated support network. A multi channel integration with social media pages to facilitate a large clientele from a single dashboard. An automated system of canned responses to promptly answer repetitive queries.

What else?

The ability to customize the platform as per your needs.

What is it and why is it important? Let’s take a look.

customizable live chat solution

A Customizable Live Chat Solution – Defining the Umbrella Term

A customizable live chat solution is an umbrella term that accounts for two in-built features, packaged in a live chat software:

  1. The ability to integrate a live chat solution’s widget with only selective pages of a website as desired by the webmaster, without impacting the non-selected pages.
  2. The ability to customize chat buttons, themes, chat skins, customer interface and set up a toolbar for convenient access to different options.

A Customizable Live Chat Solution – The Importance

The importance of having a customizable live chat software solution is discussed below:

Helps To Achieve Target Objectives

Your objective for deploying a live chat solution could be any or combination of the following:

  • To improve lead generation rates.
  • To successfully convert a lead into a customer with the objective of generating more sales revenue.
  • To educate the customer about your products.
  • To help your customers in comparing two or more products.
  • To guide your customers through the checkout process.

And to achieve the objective, you need a focused approach and a tailored content. This is where a customizable live chat solution comes into play.

You can strategically place live chat widgets with selective pages and station objective oriented operators at each of the widgets to help you achieve your desired objective. For the lead generation page it could be a marketing representative. For the products page it could be a sales representative. For the checkout page it could be a customer support representative.

Intuit Inc. (hyperlink to blog titled, “Live Chat Solutions Helping Businesses Across the World”) is a great example of this implemented model. The company selectively integrated a live chat widget on its lead generation page and a widget on its product description page. At the end of the reporting period, the company found an increase in lead generation and average value of ordered product.

Helps to Build Consistent Brand Identity

A consistent brand identity positively contributes to a customer’s shopping experience.

  • Consumers trust the brand that they can recognize.
  • It makes your brand more dependable and helps it to establish a tone with which consumers can relate.
  • It acts as a great marketing tactic.
  • It helps your brand to standout in a crowd of myriads.

And, by customizing the chat buttons, skin colors, customer interface and theme of your live chat software, you can align the conversational experience with your pre-established brand identity. Whether you are interacting with a client on Twitter through the live chat software or simply commenting on a feedback at your Facebook page, your customers will know who they are interacting with.

Does your live chat software comes with the option to be customized? If not, then you are not leveraging the competitive potential of the technology at your disposal.