Tips for Live Chat Routing and Filtering

It is of critical importance that all leads and customers speak to the right representative when they should.

You may have within your organization, team members whose job is to create certain territories. Or sometimes, all you want is to pass on to your marketing team a would-be buyer met at your events page!

You can route and filter live chat conversations in many different ways if you have the correct chat filter plugin.

This article will discuss routing rules and the various live chat customer support routing methods as well as how you can come up with your own rules and ensure they are working to your advantage.

<h2> Routing Rules— what are they? </h2>

Conversation Routing rules are what determine the routed parties (those included as participants) in a particular conversation based on a list of criteria.

For instance, you can route in your sales department as soon as someone starts a conversation on your product page. What’s more, the tools used for this will allow you to specify how and when this happens.

The Default Rule and Conditional Routing Rule

Default Routing Rule

Your Default Rule acts as your contingency rule and should carry one or more team members who can take care of a wide range of conversations so that none goes unrouted in the event a website a visitor fails to meet all your other conditional rules.

Conditional routing rules

On the other hand, these rules are based on a set of parameters that are highly personalizable. You can come up with your routing rules based on the following;

  • Custom Audience – route by URL, site behavior
  • Salesforce – route based on Salesforce account, lead owner
  • Contact Attributes –route based on custom-created attributes!
  • Firmographics – route by employee numbers, business revenue
  • Targeted Accounts – route based on the account’s owner

 Tips for Routing and Filtering Your Chats

Add a Human Touch

Although routing and transferring leads involves a lot of automation, the process must be given a human touch if you are going to tap into all its benefits.

Begin your chats with a short question (for instance; What are you looking for? <product> <service>). Based on the response, the visitor will be routed to a relevant predefined team.

By tactically categorizing your staff (by expertise or languages spoken, for instance), you can provide prospects with an efficient chat session leading to a more personalized experience to every customer you come across.

 Develop Categories

Maybe you are worried about the differences in chat behavior from one page to the next. You can always assign each page to a customer support agent.

You can also designate groups for every section where you need to gain if some insights. For example, if you just rolled out a new service or product, you can come up with a particular category for it and let all your agents know that chats originating from that landing page will be assigned a unique filter.

If you like, you can also filter live chat based on location or country. For instance; if your firm is conducting a feasibility study in a given region, you can come up with a filter for that in let’s say your contact page and have a human agent determine the number of interested persons from that region.

Block Annoying Trolls and Chatbots

Malicious trolls and chatbots can really mess up your conversations. To stay safe, website owners can block the link/URL of whichever malicious troll or chatbot ruining your experience to avoid receiving any more messages from them.

However, your staff can still send messages to those links/URLs you’ve flagged as malicious.

Make the most of your software’s features 

Savvy business owners understand that live chat software is more than just mere chat centers to impress their customers. They know that these tools have features that can improve the efficiency and productivity of your live chat customer support.

You can also use your live chat tool to filter live chat, convert leads and retain existing customers.


Spend time learning your live chat software and the many things it can do for your business. The new capabilities embedded into these tools can help streamlines processes in your online store and lighten work for your team of employees.