Using Social Data to Optimize Your Customer Service

Social media is a platform for fun, news, meeting friends and entertainment. Social media is also full of accurate and useful information that easily assist you to optimize customer service in your business.

Updating your page and data gives your business clear objectives and helps it stay on course.

Social media also increase interaction between your business and customers which is a good practice in business and a way to expand your footprint.

The Critical Role of Social Media

Social media is turning into an active advertising and product marketing platform. Most brands meet their customers to announce their goods and services.

Business are noticing that these platforms are a favorite meeting point or customers and some are moving some of their operations to social sites.

When  social media is used effectively, customers have access to a free and reliable feedback platform.

Companies that choose to use social media in their customer service can always track their progress by checking the following;

  • Feedback time;
  • Response rate;
  • Inquiry volume;
  • Resolution timing;
  • Resolution rate.

The above list provides importanance social data to your customer support service.

For an effective social data collection and analysis process, there’s need to include the findings collected from the social media platform to address issues of your entire customer base.

Social media has a greater influence between you and your buyers since it’s a great platform where the customers get in touch with the products they are interested in.

Customers and Social Media

Social media customer support is the shopper’s favorite because of instant responses and quick problem resolution rates.

Many customers, in fact, the majority [48%], want the brand to be giving them feedback and solve whatever issues they have within 12-24hours.

Generally, 70% of shoppers want a company to give them feedback within 5 minutes. 48% of these 70% automatically abandon the platform when not responded to.

92% of the total people who respond under these platforms threaten to abandon the brand if it provides poor customer support services.

If the customer support service is great, helpful and supports its customers, the 70% will recommend it to others.

It’s now evident that prioritizing consumer interest and working towards customer satisfaction impacts heavily on the success of your brand.

It also improves your communication with your customers to get picture of their expectation and how to handle their concerns.

Benefits of Social Data in Customer Service 

So what is the critical role of social data in improving the quality of services in your business

 Learning your target audience. 

Each and every brand comprehends that getting to know their target audience well is the key to fruitful results. This means that you know exactly the type of message you want to pass to your customers.

Social data analyses customer experience and customer satisfaction rates and shows which customers and where there are most users of your brand.

 Identifying pain points

Social data retrieved from constant communication with customers is of great benefit when it comes to noting and singling out issues that shoppers experience with your brand.

If a number of clients raise the same complain or suggest the same idea to your brand through your customer support service, you can use those comments to improve on the specific area and other services that help you sell your brand.

Analyzing full customer experience

Customer review gives important social data that assist brands to analyze customer progress and make needed changes if buyers are not fully satisfied with their services.

Customer experience is a part that can not be ignored in creating that strong relationship between the customer and the brand. Social data assist you to mend any loophole that might occur.

Mining social data can aid you to optimize customer service and improve customer experience, expose what is working and what is not working, and increase feedback time and rates.

Using Social data to Optimize Customer Service 

Customer support services always use specific software to assist and expand customer support services. This is how you can use social data obtained from this software to optimize customer service.

 Creat FAQ and customer guides 

Providing answers for frequently asked questions is must-do when of optimizing customer service. Today’s buyers love to help themselves. Plus, it is an easy way to reduce the number off customer problems bothering your agents.

Statistics show that 40% of shoppers feel a customer guide is mandatory, more so, the same statistics reveal that adding self-help resources option will help you save in hundreds or thousands of dollars per yearly.

Ready responses at hand aids customer service to improve feedback time and rates as well as overall customer experience.

 Automate Social Media Communication

A business on social media is a favorite of many digital clients. 80% of customers use social media to communicate with their brands since the platform allows for much faster and more effective interaction. If you have all social media profiles in one place, it’s even easier to manage.

Facebook , Twitter, and these days, Instagram are the most  common online platforms. Social media is nowadays used to connect shoppers.It also provides the best option for communication.

When operating on social media for customer support purposes, it is necessary to operate software that will keep a record of all the information and allow for easy retrieval of these in the future.

 Create a Customer portal

Creating a client portal sets up a base where shoppers share knowledge, collect feedback and start a forum. These aspects contribute to self-assistance and give social data that is important to keep you updated.

Portals put information in order, make it logical and consistent. It collects customer feedback, organize your guides and other educational material.

In Summary

Customer support collects social data with the intention of making your product more marketable and ensuring positive customer experience overall.

Poor customer service can impact a brand negatively if agents fails to handle inquiries satisfactorily and in time.

Social data can assist you to optimize customer service. The information gained from a few shoppers can help you improve the overall quality of your support.

Social media is also the client’s favorite chillspot so you want to be there to listen to their pain points.