Live Chat Plugin for the Most light weight CMS- Joomla!

It’s a mission! To make it completely impossible! Any technology to exist that HelpOnClick does not have a plugin for! While we are up to something like that, can we forget Joomla? I don’t think so! HelpOnClick provides live Chat plugin for Joomla to make it easy breezy to integrate a super live chat solution to your Joomla powered website.

While HelpOnClick works as intelligently as you would want your live chat solution to work, high performance and user friendliness is a given! You do not only chat with the online visitors but you can actually spy them. Having said that, it was only meant in a good way.

HelpOnClick lets you know what page your visitors are currently on so that you can initiate a chat with them related to that page or a possible interest.

So chat for Joomla websites is now going to help tremendously to boost your online business

And for those who are wondering what Joomla is? It is an extremely powerful award winning CMS solution. It not only helps you build clever websites and online stores, but also a huge variety of powerful online applications. Amongst its competitors Joomla for its ease of use and extensibility has become very popular CMS software available. What makes it most loved is the fact its open source solution and it’s completely free of charge.

Assisting your website visitors was never that easy.While you already have the lethal combination of HelpOnClick, you can follow a small series of extremely easy step to install the monitoring code and get things to work. If you would like to learn the steps in install chat for Joomla or how to install the live chat plugin to your Joomla site please follow the links below:

Integration and plugins  free trialchat for joomla

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