The Helpful Live Chat Features You Need to Know About

If you are a new user of the HelpOnClick live chat, or still thinking of opening an account, you need to know about some helpful features that make your user experience full and fruitful.

Pre-Chat fields

When a website visitor contacts you via the chat widget, you might want to know the visitor’s name and some other information before the chat starts. Here the pre-chat fields come in useful. You can regulate the number of fields and collect the info you need. Also if you have several departments, such as sales, technical support, marketing inquiries or general questions, you allow visitors to choose the department and they get to the right person on the first try. Go to Admin > Customize > Pre-Chat Fields to set up the feature.

 HelpOnClick live chat pre-chat fields

Incoming chat sound alert

During slow hours there is no need in having the chat admin panel open in front of you. You can minimize the window, or even leave your seat without risk to miss a call. Just make sure that the sound alert is on (on the Monitor tab), and your PC sound is on too. Once someone contacts your online chat service, the sound will notify you immediately.

Automated chat invitations

Invite visitors to chat using automated invitation rules. This feature provides huge opportunity to create custom invitation rules, and invite visitors with personalized messages. You can set up timing, user type, referral URL or current URL, send a visitor to a specific department, and of course, compose a specific invitation message for each invitation case. You can create as many invitation messages as you need. Go to Admin > Customize > Invitation Window to set up invitations.

 automated invitation rules

Pre-defined replies

For the most frequent questions it is wise to use ready replies. Keyword search will help you find the correct message quickly, and you will be able to provide full information instantly. Canned messages help you save your time, and allow manage simultaneous conversations easily.

Offline mode

When all operators are offline, you can hide the widget, or allow visitors to leave a message. Just define the required fields and set up an email for collecting messages.

leave message

Social buttons

Allow your visitors to find you on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Enable the social buttons on the Settings tab, and your customers will be able to reach your social accounts right from the chat window.

Try how these features work – set up a free full-featured test account now.

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