What Should You Ask When Choosing Help Desk Software?

Help desk software centralizes and automates customer service processes, increasing productivity and satisfaction levels and reducing complaint resolution times and operational costs. With the so many choices available in the market, figuring out the best ones for your needs and business can be difficult. Nonetheless, there are still certain tips that can help you decide the best help desk software. Answer the following questions, and you should be able to determine the most appropriate choice for your particular case.

considering help desk software

Who Is Your Target Audience?

What are the personality traits of your customers? No, this isn’t marketing advice, but you should always know who your customers are and what they care about the most. Only then can you figure out how to serve their needs better through channels which they use the most.

Also, decide if you want to use the help desk software for serving your employees’ complaints or not. If that’s the case, you’ll probably need a complete IT service desk management solution rather than a standalone help desk software.

Want to Stick to an On-Premises Solution or Go For Something on the Cloud?

A cloud based help desk software is more economical and can be set up quickly. Generally, upgrades are free and are taken care of by the provider. Plus, these systems are scalable which makes them a good choice.

An on-premise help desk software does give you more control over your data, but then the setup process can be complex. Still it is recommended for bigger companies that have the resources to handle and manage the system. For smaller businesses, a cloud help desk tool works bets.

What Features Do You Want? And What Features Does The Tool Under Consideration Offer?

Help desk live chat applications are packed with many features. While they all offer some kind of benefit, your business may not require all of them. So narrow down your desired features list by considering the following points.

  • Determine the gaps in your current support process. 
  • Identify the main processes that you want to deploy now and in the future. 
  • Prioritize the above processes, and use them to come up with a list of desired features. 
  • Determine your budget. 
  • Now find a solution that offers your required features and is within your budget.

What Do You Want Your Help Desk Software to Track?

Though robust analytics are now a part of many help desk software, some still lag behind. Generally, you should prefer a tool that offers robust reporting and other essential tracking features.

Can The Tool Be Customized?

Help desk solutions that can be tailored to your needs improve efficiency at your end and allow you to incorporate your internal workflow into the software. So see if forms, email templates, SLAs, knowledgebase and dashboards can be modified. If customization is possible, your consumers may be able to submit tickets faster, which can then be resolved through a more streamlined process.

So can you now figure out which help desk solution would be the best in your particular case?