Practical tips to increase engagement and conversion with live chat software application

Live chat software application can do lots of good for your business. It is proven as one of the best modern technologies that can help boost engagement and generate conversion for your business. Organizations and small businesses that employ the live chat software witnessed improved conversion rate for the business as compared to those that do not.

We all love to chat and ask questions before we purchase or devote our precious time to a product. It becomes even more uneasy when we log into a website to purchase something and we cannot relate directly with the product owner. 

So if you must win, it starts from winning the customers and gaining their trust. You must endeavor to devote time and implement practical tips to increase customer engagement.

With top notch customer engagement, you convert more web visitors to frequent customers. And your live chat software application will come in handy in increasing your customer engagement thus boosting the conversion levels.

If you are interested in walking this path of increasing your conversion rate with your live chat software application, then here are tips that will be of help.

Integrate Your Live Chat Software with your Social Media.

Social media is the bomb in any business in this 21st century. At one particular point of the day, someone must log into their social media accounts, doing almost everything and of course buying and selling. 

Social media helps you connect to a large audience. Imagine having one million followers to your personal account or business – that’s a gold mine if well used.

Exploit this opportunity of the wide audience offered by social media by integrating your social media accounts with your live chat software application. When you can chat with customers on both the platforms, you engage more customers and convert more.  

Keep a Prompt Response Time in Your Live chat software application.

Everyone likes a service which includes prompt response. You can’t just place a live chat software on a website and disappear. You have to be available at all times to answers questions.

So you need a great support team who will be available when you are not. 

If your live chat software cannot offer prompt responses, you’ll definitely appear like another bot. And we all know the bounce back rates you will experience with bots – it’s not anything good for your business.

If you are interested in boosting your conversion rate, you’ll need to engage your customers more.

Charismatic and Eloquent Support Team.

The live wire of any business is a professional support team. Your support team should be charismatic and eloquent.

You should endeavor to train your clients in the following areas. 

  • They should be polite. Greeting goes hand in hand with politeness. When customers contact you via live chat, your protocol should make them happy and relaxed by giving them a warm welcome and showing interest. 
  • They should not be disorganized and jumpy.
  • Train them to keep a relaxing tone.
  • They should never ignore a customer.

Great support team is one of the practical tips to increase engagement and conversion with live chat software application in your website.

 Live chat software application for support team

Create an Avenue to Collect Emails.

There’s no better way to generate leads and increase conversation with a live chat software tool than sending out useful emails.

You can stylishly take customer email when they ask for details about your product or service, when they ask about your pricing plans, ask about unrelated topic from your business, when they require extra guidance. 


Having a live chat software in place is one thing and increasing conversion using the live chat software is another. The above tips will help your business increase conversion and as a result experience tremendous growth. It’s time to take advantage of the leads.