5 Customer Service Trends in 2018

Customer service expectations are changing. Consumer demographics have shifted with the majority of the customers categorized as millennials and generation Z. Moreover, technology has evolved in almost every aspect of customer support systems as we know it,  and it has always been bringing new trends in customer service.

In short, customer service has become more complex and at the same time crucial to the success of a company.

So, what are the new trends in customer service? Where is customer service heading? You will learn about the latest trends in support resolution in this article, including cloud service and next-gen support chat software.

New Trends In Customer Service To Lookout For In 2021

New Trends in Customer service

Adoption of Blockchain Technology for Improving Customer Service

The technology behind Bitcoin is opening new and improved ways for companies to serve their customers. This includes introducing more convenient payment options and more secure identity management.

Companies that know how to leverage from blockchain technology can benefit tremendously in improving customer satisfaction levels. One great example of blockchain technology is the Slock.It platform. With this platform, customers can locate, buy, and pay for physical and digital products and services. The technology can allow easy scalability, reduce infrastructure costs, and make a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Cloud Customer Service

Customer service on the cloud is seen to become one of the most efficient customer service trends of 2021. More companies will use online website chat tools as their main customer support channel. At the same time, companies will start using the live chat platform for selling goods and services.

Innovator companies such as KLM are already using online chat platforms to allow customers to make online bookings. Customer service and marketing on the cloud will help in improving the digital experience and create a modern way to serve consumers. From a customer standpoint, you can’t beat the convenience of accessing order history, shipping information, account information, and product details from anywhere through the cloud.

Customer Service AI Will Improve

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will remain the buzzword in the customer support world this year. The technology is already being used by some companies to handle customer queries. The capabilities of AI will grow at a rapid pace that will help in improving the customer service experience across multiple digital platforms. It has the potential to change the way we utilize support chat software. Round the clock support isn’t such a hassle when it’s AI.

Increased Automation of Customer Service

Increased automation was easily dismissed in the past, but this is not the case anymore. According to Forrester research, automation services and AI are expected to change sales and customer service strategy in 2018. Automation will result in improved customer convenience and reduced operational costs.

Self Service Will Rise in Popularity

Video customer service will become the mainstream customer service strategy. Companies will offer self-service support through videos. And utilize it to answer frequently asked questions, showcase or highlight the best products for the customers, and broadcast how-tos and tutorials.


In 2021, companies should improve customer service by embracing newer technologies. Also, relatively nascent technologies such as website support chat will continue to drive success.

Staying abreast of the customer service trends for 2018 will allow you to stay ahead of the competition. It ensure that you also serve customers better than the competitors, and allow you to reap the benefits of improving customer satisfaction and profitability.