Live Chat Support and How to Protect Customer Data

Consumer data safety was a major concern in 2019 and it will continue to be an issue in 2020. In fact, a good number of customers say they won’t purchase from a retailer if they doubt in their ability to protect their critical confidential and payment data.

Customer data include info shared across communication channels like email and live chat as well as any other info you request a customer to leave on your website.

So as you strive to build your website into a convenient, user-friendly store that will convert more prospects to buyers, remember to put up reliable security defenses.

This write-up will focus on how to protect customer data when using live chat as an engagement and communication channel.

This contact channel obviously acts as a medium for troves of customer data— personal and financial information. And this happens on a day to day basis which means a small loophole in your live chat data security can compromise your entire customer base.

That also explains why you need to scrutinize thoroughly the live chat solution you want to embed on your business website.

Make sure the live chat system you chose protects client data during and after the chat session.

Customer Data Security Defenses to look for in a Live Chat 

Your chat solution of choice should be in compliant with ecommerce website regulations. These defenses should protect your live chat from unauthorized access.

Here are some basics to look for

  • Data Encryption: Make sure to inquire whether your chat software is encrypted to industry standards, and inquire about the specific encryption tactic used.
  • Safe chat networks: Check how many bits are in each session key to learn how secure your live chat tool is.
  • Masking of confidential data: PCI/PII masking allows a live chat feature to mask in-chat confidential data. Also, ask you provider to explain how the tool processes masked pieces of data.
  • Safety from intruders: How does your chat solution protect itself from impostors or scammers looking to gain entry into the channel? Well-protected chat solutions allow access for only the IP addresses registered to your company? Does the chat feature report any attempts to intrude.
  • Secure hosting: Check security defenses for site-based installation. For cloud-based deployment make sure to familiarize with the data center and the nation that stores your data.
  • Continuous Improvements and Upgrade: Obsolete software are prone to data breaches. Because fraudsters are quick to penetrate new defenses, always go for a chat solution provider that upgrades its tool from time to time.
  • Access and authorization: Does you chat channel allow you to control user access for increased security.

Best Practices for Heightened Security during Chat Sessions 

A secure tool cannot guarantee customer data security. Agent awareness and adherence to stipulated security procedures also determines whether you keep client data safe or lose it to fraudsters.

Here are some best security practices to follow during live chat sessions.

  • Seek customer’s consent: Seeking consent is step number one in using live chat in compliance with the GDPR. Prompt you users to either allow or deny you the go-ahead to process and retain their data. Obtaining consent is therefore a customer data security step you should never skip.
  • Always confirm the receiver: always check twice before any personalized communications (which involve client information) or responding with confidential info. It is possible to respond on the wrong chat box.
  • Never copy confidential client data. Never copy private client data because you are prone to paste it in the wrong chat. Or rather you may forget to paste clipboard where it could easily land in the wrong hands if pasted elsewhere.
  • Watch out for scammers: Fraudsters use different communication channels to spread malware. Scan any files received through you live chat before viewing.
  • Educate your team: Train your crew to identify security threats and learn how to detect phony customers before they have their way with your live chat solution. Offer data security lessons and insist on the importance of maintaining customer data security.

Make sure to do further research on how to protect shopper data after the chat session has ended.

Final Words

Because crime is shifting to the internet, data security is the shopper’s number one concern. Make sure your live chat solution has all the layers of security you need to engage customers safely.