Live Chat Desktop & Mobile

Web Interface

The web interface is the main, full-featured interface of HelpOnClick live chat software. All setup steps, customizations, canned messages, automated invitations, reporting, and communication, of course, can be managed via the web interface. It can be accessed from anywhere via your favorite browser. Along with the web interface, you can use a desktop tray or mobile applications to chat with your website visitors.

Works on:

Live chat works on Firefox Live chat works on Chrome Live chat works on Internet Explorer Live chat works on Safari Live chat works on Opera
Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac OS

This small application uses the web operator interface along with system tray features. On minimizing the window, it sits on your system tray as an icon, showing your status - online or offline using different colors. When receiving a new chat request or a new message, a small popup raises from the system tray to notify you, along with a sound. You can change your status using the right mouse button even without opening the application. The feature is only available for Windows and Mac OS.

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Mobile Applications for Android and iOS

Mobile applications allow you to chat with your website visitors from everywhere, anytime. The application for iOS allows real-time traffic monitoring, multiple simultaneous chat sessions, chatting live with your website visitors, using canned messages, transferring chat sessions, emailing chat transcripts, and much more. You do not need to always keep the application on your screen to stay online. If you close the application with the "online" status, you are still available for your website visitors, and you will be notified when a new chat request is coming.

The HelpOnClick live chat application for iPhone and iPad is free for all our customers. Download the application from the AppStore and start using it right away.

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