Live Chat Desktop & Mobile App Downloads

HelpOnClick’s live chat interface can be accessed via desktop or mobile application. That means you can access HelpOnClick from anywhere using your favorite browser and device.

The freedom to access HelpOnClick on the web, on your desktop, or through our live chat desktop and mobile apps let you engage customers wherever you are.

Web Interface

Our full-featured interface can be accessed through Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, and other popular browsers. All setup, customization, canned messages, automated invitations, reporting, communication, and chat features are manageable via our easy-to-navigate web interface. Once you’ve completed the web setup, you’re ready to engage your customers through our desktop and mobile applications.

Works on:

Live chat works on Firefox Live chat works on Chrome Live chat works on Internet Explorer Live chat works on Safari Live chat works on Opera
Desktop Applications for Windows and Mac OS

Our Windows or Mac OS live chat desktop applications utilize the web operator interface along with system tray features. With a system tray icon, it’s easy to see it you’re online or offline. Engaging website visitors in a chat is easy with our desktop app—a small popup notifies you when it’s time to chat with visitors. You can easily change your status without opening the app.

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Mobile Applications for Android and iOS

Our Android and iOS live chat mobile apps enable you to engage with website visitors and customers from virtually anywhere. With real-time traffic monitoring, multiple chat sessions, live chatting, canned messages, transferring options, emailing, and much more, you can meaningfully interact with your customers from your favorite device.

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Because HelpOnClick works on every platform, you can constantly engage your customer base. Download our easy-to-use desktop or mobile apps today.