What are the Impacts of AI on Customer Service in the Near Future?

Impacts of AI on customers service has triggered a lot of discussion across various industries stained with fears of losing jobs and the anticipated positive impacts. However, despite all these, there is one area that most of us will unanimously support-improved customer service.

While the hype around AI that it will replace customer service agents might be true. It cann happen in the near future. So what is the future of AI in the coming days?

Well, read on to learn more and find out the impacts of AI on customer service now and in the near future. Let’s first understand more about AI.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science concerned with developing digital machines that can handle tasks that need human intelligence.

Simply put, it is the digital replications of human abilities using computer processes.

Generally, AI is divided into two forms, with its applications ranging from machine vision, speech recognition, and expert systems. The two types of AI are known as general and narrow AI.

Briefly, narrow AI involves everything around computers. Artificial Intelligence enables tasks to be completed without programming.  AI is used in language and speech recognitions in machines, cars, and mobile phones and helps in learning and understanding various things.

On the other hand, general artificial intelligence is a more versatile type that can be used to learn every process and carry out almost all the tasks from it. Besides, it includes a wide range of topics. General AI is mainly used in movies.

How do AI work?

Technically, computers learn through machine learning method. It involves taking a large amount of data, analyzing them, and taking action based on what it has learned.

While most machine learning algorithms have been around with us for a long time, the ability to apply significant data calculations faster, over and over, is the recent development from the field.

Another artificial intelligence ability that can affect customer service is natural language processing. This is how computers transcribe how a person speaks.

For instance, if you hear about chatbots, it may refer to a machine interpreting typed sentences on a website chat window or a computer listening to somebody speaking.

Check out some of the much-publicized machine learning applications you might have heard about below;

  • The widely hyped, self-driving Google car.
  • Fraud detection.
  • Ability to know what customers are saying about your brand on Twitter. This is a type of machine learning combined with the linguistic creation rule.
  • Online recommendation discounts like the ones from Amazon or Netflix.

Impacts of AI on customer service in the near future

With the increase in AI adoption, the potential impacts on customer service in the near future are showing themselves in different valuable ways now. Have a look at the projected impacts of AI on customer service.

  1. Improved customer satisfaction

The applications of chatbots have enabled customer agents to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, improving the relationships between businesses and their customers.

Ranging from troubleshooting, handling tasks, or interacting with clients at various levels of their shopping journeys, businesses are receiving much value and are contemplating the full implementation of AI-supported bots in their customer service strategies.

AI-enabled bots are able to proactively start a conversation with a client, offer relevant information, and assist at every stage of a customer’s shopping cycle.

This allows your visitors to get help and information whenever they need it without having to wait in line for others to be served.

Also, bots can transfer a caller to a live agent if there is a need for human attention. This will allow agents to attend to serious and demanding issues and leave the rest to AI creating space to attend to other major concerns.

Besides, the cost of implementing AI-powered chatbots is relatively cheaper than employing full-time human customer support staff. This, coupled with the timely, precise, and direct services, artificial intelligence technology has a great future in customer service provision.

  1. Personalizing user-experience

Apart from Chatbots, AI is coming out to be helpful in customizing customer service provision. It offers the convenience of analyzing client’s data and tailor the services to align with the customers’ preferences.

Recommendations of products and services were based on different categories like the top ten list or new arrivals segment. But with the emergence of AI technologies, recommendation engines has dramatically changed in favor of customers.

Instead of waiting for a system to identify a purchase from a given category, AI can analyze sets of data and offer real-time products and services fitting the need of each customer rather than the general category.

With its ability to collect data from multiple sources, AI allows devices to gather clients’ information like geographical location, personal preferences, events, or even weather conditions and provide the most relevant service to a customer.

As businesses struggle to get a comprehensive customer profile, they can also focus on their buying behaviors, chosen medium of interactions, and their needs thanks to AI features.

  1. Building trust and brand prominence

In the coming future, using online and offline methods to provide better customer service will be more helpful in nurturing customer loyalty and confidence in your brand.

The era of using “caring messages” on adverts and social media is over, and consumers depend more on digital solutions to carry out their daily tasks.

With AI, the shift to self-service should not be costly. Customers need not to face services that are hard to navigate or encounter difficulty reaching out when faced with a problem.

This convenience preserves a place for artificial intelligence technology in the near future without any doubts.

  1. Used in directing support specialists

The invention and application of AI have dramatically reduced the job of customer support specialists. The advanced artificial intelligence system can guide operators directly to where there is a problem and address it without much difficulty.

Implementing a good customer service platform is predicted to gain relevance in the near future. This because the current service specialists in a company will work with the trend much better than the ones before.

It will be easy to train others by sharing any knowledge acquired within the organization.

  1. Communication made much easier

Interacting with customers is much more accessible than before. This is because of the use of artificial intelligence in customer service. Currently, even under-experienced customer support attendants can have confident interactions with a client thanks to AI.

It’s a massive step into the way doing things. It is projected to continue due to the number of companies and businesses adopting it.

  1. Streamlined onboarding and hiring processes

Hiring and onboarding have been a long-standing challenge in the customer service sector in any industry, and it should not be forgotten. And to complicate matters more, this issue has no unified solution because it’s a more personal matter for different companies.

When you employ the help of AI during these processes, you can quickly identify the best candidates. Effectively focus your attention on them. Guide employees to work in a simple way to make sure that everyone is brought to speed.

  1. More reliable results

Another long-standing challenge in the customer service sector is the reliability of the results. This is because it is essential to focus on the accuracy of your services . Make appropriate changes if things are not working well.

Implementation of AI can narrow down service results with greater precision and unlock your service potential for your users. Furthermore, you can revise your previous service encounter performance and come up with a better approach.


Artificial intelligence has revolutionized customer service into a frustration-free, personalized, and convenient interaction.

Employing the help of AI technologies such as bots and other AI-powered communication in your CRM will propel your business to a whole new level and even make you stand out among your competitors.

Though this trend has picked well among businesses. Trend projected to improve in the future owing to its impacts on customer service like improved customer experience. Trend reliable results, personalized experience, and easier communications.

It is also imperative that the future generation learn how to interact with machine language. You avoid weird conversations. Also asking them nudes, or requesting if they can engage in sexual activities.