HelpOnClick Integrates with Google Analytics

Customers are the very purpose of a business, therefore, the more you know about them, the better. Now when the HelpOnClick live chat software is integrated with Google Analytics you have a great opportunity to learn more about your customers.

Until now, the HelpOnClick live chat software has been providing advanced statistics features, so you can find out information about your visitors’ activity, such as where they found your website and the keywords that used while searching, their start pages and much more. The statistics also allow you to see how your operators perform. But of course, there is always room for improvement; and we did just that.

Google Analytics is an indisputable resource when it comes to website statistics, therefore, along with the HelpOnClick built-in statistics; you now have another powerful tool to help you discover more about your website’s visitors and eventually, your customers.

All you need, in order to use this feature is to have both the HelpOnClick live chat software and Google Analytics installed onto your website.

HelpOnClick will automatically detect your Google Analytics installation and integrate with your account.

Some examples from the information you can find are:
• Clicks on the Chat widget.
• Clicks to expand chat widget
• The number of times that widget expanded to Popup
• The number of failed chat invitations
• Users who reject your chat invitation,
• The number of chats by operator and department,
• Your total number of chats.
• The number of closed and hidden chat widgets.

How to Locate Your Chat Information in Google Analytics

• First, log into your Analytics account and select the website you have installed your Live Chat Software on.
• Expand Content > Events > Top Events, in the left side menu.

Google analytics menu

• Now you can select the HelpOnClick section to locate the statistics.

Integrate live chat with Google Analytics

• Once you select a report, you will be provided with more information. For example, you can look into your operators’ number of chats, directly from your Google Analytics account.

Number of chats on Google Analytics

• In addition, you can also get chat statistics grouped per departments, exactly as they are organized in your HelpOnClick account.

Chat department statistics on Google Analytics

What do you think? If you have feedback or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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