How to Use Instagram for Customer Service

People use Instagram to be informed and entertained at the same time. The relevance of the photo-sharing site for businesses can be realized from the fact that nearly 60 percent of people had stated that they discover products online. Also, more than 25 million businesses around the world use the social media site for connecting with customers. It means that you can achieve greatly when you use Instagram for Customer Service.

Instagram for Customer Service

The best thing about using Instagram for customer service is that you can use the platform for improved customer experience. Here are five tips to effectively use the platform to delight, inspire, and entertain your customers.

How to use instagram for customer service

1. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the most useful features of Instagram for your business. Through Stories, you can share photos or short videos about your brand. The stories are in a slideshow format that is live for 24 hours. You can also share the stories to be replayed later.

Adding a hashtag to stories makes them discoverable online. Stories can be used to display behind-the-scenes content. Also, you can experiment with different types of content such as video filmed backward, photo, short video, live video, and Gif-like image.

2. Strike a Balance Between Fun and Business Images

You must strike a balance between posting entertaining images and using Instagram for your business. For instance, you can post a picture of your official luncheon and a funny picture of a cat or a dog. You should monitor the engagement of images to find out which type of images your followers like best.

3.  Embed Instagram Posts on Your Blog Site

Do you maintain a blog section on your business website? If so, you should consider embedding Instagram posts on your blog site for maximum reach. The embed feature was introduced by Instagram to allow website owners to attach their Instagram posts on their sites. This will result in increased reach and online visibility, making it even more valuable to use Instagram for your business.

4. Build Exclusivity and Anticipation

Keep your loyal followers engaged through exclusive content. You can post images of new products and services to build anticipation. Create teaser photos that satisfy the curiosity of the followers. You can post images of new product releases or store location. These types of posts are a great way to use Instagram for your business, as they make the followers feel special and entice them to come back and find out more information.

5. Create Photo Contests

You can create photo contests to keep your online followers engaged. This will also keep your online audience engaged and attached to your Instagram page.

Using Instagram for Customer Service in your business is a great to way captivate your online audiences. This platform should be part of several online tools you use including Facebook, live chat support services, and omnichannel support to engage and motivate online followers. This will result in increased customer experience that will lead to improved conversation rates and sales.