Easy Ways to Motivate Employees at Work

Motivation at work strongly affects employees performance.

According to Gallup research, only 13% of employees worldwide are actively engaged in their job. For the USA and Canada the number does not look more promising – only 29% of employees are engaged. What does this mean for business owners? Most of the employees are ineffective at work because of the lack of motivation.

Demotivated people are not able to create innovative products, provide excellent Live Chat service, or do any  job perfectly. This results in mediocre or even bad products and services. Motivated people work harder and do their job better. Enthusiasm drives great deeds.

motivation at work

There are many simple things that you can do to motivate your employees. And it has nothing to do with money, stylish office and equipped relax rooms or optimize live chat service. The steps are so simple that they are often overlooked. It is something that you can implement as soon as you get to the office.

Tips For Giving Employees Motivation At Work.

Treat employees with respect

This is a basic relationship rule. No long term cooperation is possible when people within a company do not respect each other.

Involve employees in decisions about their work and job

Business owners always have the last word, but their employees are better experts in their job. When you ask for their opinion, you acknowledge their experience and knowledge. Employees have more motivation at work when they support management decisions.

Trust your employees

Basically, if you cannot trust your employees, why hire them? If you cannot trust your employees, there can be two solutions: 1. Fire your employees and find those you can trust; 2. Learn to trust people. Provide your employees with some autonomy, and see how their performance improves.

Explain your employees why their work is important

When people do not know what exactly they are doing, why anyone needs it, and how it can affect your business, you cannot expect that they will be engaged in their job. Show your employees that their work makes a difference. Because if it does not, you probably need to cut their position.

Share your goals

Your employees need to be a part of your business. They cannot share your goals if you do not share the goals with them. They cannot keep the momentum going if they do not know where to go.

Train your employees

Regular training helps people better do their job, improves results and overall satisfaction. When you invest in employees growth, they feel they are important to you.

Provide regular feedback

It is very rare that people measure their success themselves. In any case, everyone needs a mentor. To motivate employees at work, you should be their mentor. Be honest with people when you praise them, and be firm but very tactful when they screw up.

Now you can see that you can start improving employees motivation at work right away. Just remember the main rule: Hire the right people. Nothing can motivate people at work if they hate what they do. Halfhearted employees will never help you build a great company. Take your time to find people who are able to share your goals and love their profession. That makes things much easier.