Customer Service Trends for 2016

A new year is new goals and possibilities. In the beginning of a year we plan that our business will grow larger and our customers will be happier with our products. Any plan should consider the main trends for the year. Here is a list of the main trends in customer service and customer experience for the upcoming year.

Main trends in customer service

Customers use more channels to interact with a company than ever.

Only a few years ago telephone was the main channel to contact a company. Today most customers prefer Internet channels. There is email, online chat, social media, mobile apps, and much more. If someone thinks that their customers do not use these channel, that most probably means that the company misses out on the chance to make new customers and deliver better customer service.

Mobile phone becomes the most important step in buying process.

For many people mobile phone has become the main device for surfing Internet, visiting your website, reading comments and testimonials, search for products and make purchases. Mobile version of a website and mobile applications are the must for business in 2016.

Customers compare you to everyone.

Internet allows to compare offers from all the city, country and even from all over the world. An offer from the next door store may loose to an offer from a neighbor city, because of better terms and service. Knowing who your customers are and offering unique solutions to them should become your main marketing strategy.

Knowing who your customers are is possible with Big Data.

You can collect all possible information now about your customers and their habits. You can analyze their behavior patterns and personalize customer conversation. Big Data technologies allow to learn almost everything about your customers, and you only need to decide which data is important for your goals now.

Word of mouth may ruin or pinnacle your business.

It is all about sharing information. Any tweet or a Facebook post can be instantly seen by thousands people. Sharing information is so easy now that you simply cannot ignore the power of word of mouth anymore.

These are some of the main trends in customer service for 2016. We hope they will help you succeed this year.

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