Frequently Asked Questions About SLAs

Service level agreements or SLAs are some of the most important components of any IT setup and help desk features. eCommerce entrepreneurs are well aware of its importance since it is often used to negotiate with hosting services and shopping cart software, among others.

How You Can Optimize Your Business’s Website

If you’re a store owner or a business owner, your website is the platform that maintains your store’s presence online. The internet is a massively powerful tool where interaction between entities knows no limits.

Pros & Cons of Live Chat Support

Every day, billions of people browse the internet for fun, information, and business. In fact, it was recorded that 3,885,567,619 people used the internet in just a single day. This kind of traffic is a regular occurrence every day on a global scale. Businesses try to capture their online visitors by providing them the services they came for right away — without any hiccups. 

What is meant by Market Attribution?

Marketing strategies are evolving with time. Today marketing has become more science than art. There are different approaches to quantifying marketing performance. The quantified information is then empirically analyzed to find out the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.

Boost Sales with Live Chat Service Online

Chat live help software can give a leg up to your company against the competitors. A live chat service online will increase the chances of converting buyers and probably upsell them. You will be able to tap into the customer base and provide exceptional in-store customer experience.

Live Chat System and Customer Bonds

Chances are that you are reading this post because you are still not convinced about why you should integrate help chat software into your website. If so, you are not the only one who feels this way. Being a relatively new communication technology, most people are still not aware how they can benefit from live chat system integration.

How to Use An Email Marketing Campaign

Almost 95% of companies that automate their marketing efforts, use an email marketing campaign regularly. That is understandable if you think about it. A solid email marketing strategy is essential for any business that wishes to improve its customer base and tap into hidden markets at the same time.

Website Analytics and the Benefits

Launching a website without the intention to monitor its traffic is a futile attempt at marketing. Using website analytics to monitor site visitors and their on-page activities is tantamount to business success. The information can help you drive business with custom marketing campaigns but that will depend on your efforts.

What exactly is Contextual Customer Service?

Contextual customer service is the latest buzzword for customer service reps and it’s. emerging as a key customer service differentiator that can help companies to better serve their customers.

How to Win Customer’s Trust in the Digital Age?

A customer’s buying experience is largely based on how the customer feels about the company. Companies that take the effort to build trust are able to create a profitable relationship with the customers. Building trust not only leads to improved customer satisfaction, it also results in increased customer loyalty.

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