Top 5 Articles About Web Design Trends for 2017

If you plan to update your website design or create a new website this year, you must be aware of the web design trends for 2017. The following articles will help you learn how to create an up-to-date website.

HelpOnClick Acquired Repuso

We are happy to announce that HelpOnClick recently acquired Repusoa great online tool that will help you build trust with your clients and increase sales.

5 Awesome Tools To Get More Traffic To Your Site

This article was contributed to our blog by Clayton Johnson from the HOTH.

1. Social Locker

This is an awesome plugin that will help you get more social traffic to your site. With Social Locker, you can “lock up” content on your site, and the user has to share the post via social media to access it. This gives your readers an extra incentive to share your blog post!

You Must Understand Why Every Interaction With a Customer is Important

Every interaction with a customer is a chance to change their opinion about your business. Customers adjust their behavior based on every experience. These changes may be either profitable or unprofitable for your company.

How to be Good at Customer Service

If customer service is your job, and you want to succeed in it, this article is for you. Wether you have large experience or you are new at customer service, it is never late to improve your skills.

5 Golden Rules of Customer Service

Following rules is one of the most difficult part of life and of business. Some rules should be followed day after day, for many years, for as long as a company lives. But these rules finally bring companies to success.

Regular Customer vs Loyal Customer: Why it is not the same

Retaining customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, and customer experience management is the most cost-effective way to drive customer satisfaction. Loyal customers ensure sales, reduce costs associated with consumer education, and recommend you to their friends.

Customer Service Training is What All Companies Need

Customer service is perhaps one of the most vital parts of conducting business, because every interaction the company has with a customer can affect the business’ bottom line. Establishing a successful customer service program in your business requires commitment from yourself and your staff.

How Customers Want to Contact You

When visiting a retailer’s website, shoppers search for warranty information, pricing, specs/model information, payment/financing information, sales/discounts, availability and shipping information. You can provide all this information in details, and still customers will want to contact you before making a purchase, or after it. Make sure that you are able to assist your customers via all the channels below.

What Matters for Superior Customer Service

Extraordinary customer service is not a myth, but it is something that every company can deliver. It does not matter, if it is a large well-known company, or a small local business, what matters most is how you care about your customers.

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