Build Trust, Sales Will Follow – Tips for Live Chat

The key for any business to blossom is the trust of the customer. Customer support is touted as the ultimate battlefield where the businesses are competing in 2017. A good customer experience means an increase in sales and a bad customer experience will make you lose customers quicker than you think.

Improve Customer Service Operations with Help Desk Software Solutions

Almost every other competitor in the business world is using the same technology, the same practices, and the same knowledge-based principles to deliver high quality products, and that too in bulk.

How Help Desk Software Can Assist Pharmaceuticals in their Operations

The manufacturing department of a pharmaceutical organization needs to be interconnected with other departments for the production process to remain streamlined. For example:

  • It needs to work closely with the quality control department to ensure that the manufactured product complies with production standards.
  • It needs to work closely with the procurement and warehousing department to ensure that the raw materials are available in the stock for the batch to be processed.

Key Metrics for Your Customer Support Team

Customer support can help you make friends with your customers or it can become the reason for losing customers. How is your customer support department doing?

Why Social Customer Service is Bad For Your Business

Social customer service seems to be an essential part of customer experience management today. You may have heard multiple times, that you have to monitor social media regularly, and respond to the issues quickly. When customers complain on Facebook or Twitter, the whole world knows about the issues. If you do nor react on time, complaints will ruin your reputation.

Black Friday Sale: Live Chat Software for Less than $1

HelpOnClick always provides reasonable price for its products, but we think you will enjoy our Black Friday Sale.

5 Methods to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Forty-eight percent of people who had negative experiences with a company told 10+ people about it, and only twenty-three percent of customers who had a positive experience told 10+ people about it. How many satisfied and unsatisfied customers does your business have? How can we measure customer satisfaction?

Warning: Your Customer Service Worsens as Your Company Grows!

Small companies often provide better customer service than big companies. This sounds ridiculous, because big companies have more resources to provide better service. But it turns out that a big budget does not mean good service at all.

Hire the Best Customer Service Team

Customer service standards determine service quality. But only people can make any system work.  Only a well-trained and motivated customer service team can deliver superior customer service. It is not easy to find the right people, but if you know what to look for, your plan may come true. 

How to be Good at Customer Service

If customer service is your job, and you want to succeed in it, this article is for you. Wether you have large experience or you are new at customer service, it is never late to improve your skills.

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