Help Desk Software: Types and Features

Various studies state that more than 40% of your customers want you to get back to them within just an hour. Hence, you should definitely think about optimizing your customer service process. Help desk software support is one of the best ways to do so. That said, you need to consider having the best help desk software features and types.

Help desk software support is a single contact point between your customers and your business. Through the platform, they forward their queries and your customer service team can tend to them instantly. The software manages every part of the process, from the time the ticket is created till the issue is resolved. And while doing so, your agents enjoy access to an array of tools that increase resolution speeds, efficiency and collaboration.

help desk software features


Help desk solutions can be classified into three distinct types. 

Basic Helpdesk.

The basic help desk is just a simple plug and play solution that serves as a ticketing system for common complaints. Other features such as mobile accessibility, report and knowledgebase can be added if required, but doing so increases costs. Still, the basic help desk software support is the most affordable option. Pair this with scalability, and it becomes an ideal choice for small and medium businesses. 

Enterprise Help Desk.

An enterprise help desk has more features and so can address certain internal issues. An enterprise help desk has a bigger database and a greater number of contact points. It can also assist with SLA management, account management and IT service management. 

Open Source Platform.

This type of help desk allows you to modify the source code should there be any need. But obviously, only skilled developers can do this. Both free and paid tools are available in the market.

Essential Help Desk Software Features.

A typical help desk software has three main features: a ticket management system, contact channels and analytics.

  • Contact Points – the number of channels or mediums through which your customers can reach out to you such as a phone, chat and email.
  • Ticketing management – the core module that logs and organizes complaints; there is usually a dashboard that provides key information at a glance.
  • Analytics – derive more insights and improve your customer service process accordingly. 

Now that you know what  help desk software is and what it offers, find and adopt the best ones for your needs. Consider various factors such as the offered features, level of customization, database capacity, equipped collaboration tools, and the price, of course. Start using the platform and you’ll notice improvements in query resolution times and customer satisfaction levels.