5 Customer Service Trends in 2018

Customer service expectations are changing. Consumer demographics have shifted with the majority of the customers categorized as millennials and generation Z. Moreover, technology has evolved in almost every aspect of customer service as we know it, signaling a change in customer service trends for 2018. In short, customer service has become more complex and at the same time crucial to the success of a company.

5 Key Metrics for Online Customer Chat

Website support chat is an extremely cost-effective customer service channel. Using online customer chat can result in significant cost savings for a company. According to a survey by Forrester, around 44 percent of customers have stated that getting answers from a live chat agent was the most important factor in making a purchase.

Avoid Poor Customer Service with Website Support Chat

Exceptional customer service is a necessity today’s market. No company can survive if customers are not treated with respect and value. Here are five “sins” of poor customer service that you should not commit if you want to create a positive relationship with your customers.

Online Customer Support & Customer Service

One important strategy that will lead to guaranteed customer satisfaction is personalized customer service. Your goal should be to create the feeling of a personal connection with every customer.

Strong Customer Relationships & Website Support Chat

Most business owners focus so much on growing their business that they tend to ignore the most important thing that can help sustain a business — building promising customer relationships.

The Best Etiquette for Easy Live Chat Customer Care

Plummeting sales are usually the result of bad customer service. By ignoring basic etiquettes of communication on your live chat support software, chat agents can unwittingly put off customers. Unhappy customers can lead to negative publicity for your business and bad reviews. Avoid trouble when you follow our tips for live chat etiquette guidelines.

Chat Support Software and Personalities

Website chat support software can certainly help provide exceptional customer service. However, in the end, it’s the people who use the chat support software that make difference.

Resolving Customer Problems Via Web Chat

Satisfied customers are a great asset for any company. They tend to remain loyal and make repeated purchases. That’s why any effort to improve the customer service, like web chat, will pay dividends to the company across the entire customer lifecycle.

Cheat Sheet for Live Chat Agents

Customer service reps should be properly trained to better serve the customers. While no one wants to talk to a robot, it’s important for the agents to adhere to a specified guideline. They are the voice of the organization and must take a more formal tone when speaking to the customers.

Boost Sales with Live Chat Service Online

Chat live help software can give a leg up to your company against the competitors. A live chat service online will increase the chances of converting buyers and probably upsell them. You will be able to tap into the customer base and provide exceptional in-store customer experience.

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