4 Tips For Using Virtual Agent Chatbots

Customer relationships have evolved to become more personalized and convenient for the customers themselves. One of the relatively new technological developments relating to customer service includes a virtual agent chatbot, or VA chatbot. The automated service allows online users to interact with customers during off-office hours.

Building Customer Rapport and Relationships

Every business must focus on building customer rapport and relationships. No matter what the type of product or service you offer, whether your business is offline or online, it’s crucial to establish good customer rapport. If consumers feel that they are treated with empathy and respect, the positive feelings will translate into increased customer retention and satisfaction.

How Integrating Live Chat with Your CRM Benefits You

Customer satisfaction can be a make-or-break factor for any business today. The businesses and industries worldwide are growing at lightning-fast pace and people now have more options that can fulfill their needs. So, for any business to gain and retain customers is also becoming a bigger challenge.

Live Chat Support Service & Customer Service

You must have heard people say that customer service should always be the top priority if you want to have a winning business. What is it that makes customer service so important? Read more to find out.

Cultural Sensitivity on Live Chat Website Plugins

Companies are increasingly going global. Most competitive brands do not just set their sights on local markets but multiple international markets. As a result, interacting with customers of different cultural backgrounds has become a part of the customer agents’ job.

5 Key Metrics for Online Customer Chat

Website support chat is an extremely cost-effective customer service channel. Using online customer chat can result in significant cost savings for a company. According to a survey by Forrester, around 44 percent of customers have stated that getting answers from a live chat agent was the most important factor in making a purchase.

Website Chat Tools & Improving Customer Service

Co-browsing is the latest buzzword in customer service. The term simply means navigation of the same webpage by two or more people simultaneously. While the concept is simple, its potential implication in improving customer service is huge. Co-browsing results in a visual connection that helps in better serving the customer. 

Real Time Customer Service Using a Live Chat Plugin

The importance of providing real time customer service today cannot be emphasized enough. With real time customer service via a live chat plugin, the companies will be able to satisfy the customer expectation and make them loyal customers. Here are five benefits that can help you to realize the importance of offering real time customer service.

5 Secrets Upselling with Web Chat Software

Companies should not overlook improving existing customer value in their quest to improve market share. Statistics show that the probability of selling something to existing customers is about 70 percent while it’s only 20 percent for new prospects. And one of the best ways to sell to current customers is through upselling.

Gain Customers Using Website Support Chat & Google Analytics

Every online business needs to know about their customers. It’s important to understand where the customers are coming from and which keywords they use to visit the site. Also, the business owner must know what pages are not capturing the attention of the online users. All this information can be gathered using Google Analytics.

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