How to Boost Your Content Reach Engagement

Regardless of the industry, businesses have started to gain the benefits of investing in content marketing and content engagement. As a matter of fact, most e-commerce marketers have attributed the tremendous success of their organizations to content creation.

Though creating content that resonates well with customers is a worthy investment and a great strategy, simply making these contents is not all it takes to achieve the most from it.

As a business, you need to ensure that the produced content is appropriately distributed to reach your target audience from various avenues. In this regard, this post presents a step-by-step guide on how to create and boost your content reach engagement.

Before jumping into how to boost your content reach engagement, let’s understand how to create engaging content.

How to create compelling and engaging content

The type of content your company uses on various advertising platforms is what puts your brand ahead of the perk and consequently stands out of the crowd. And to ensure your customers are consistently connected with your brand, it imperative to create engaging content.

And since most businesses know the importance of regularly posting their content, the major challenge they face is how to make the content more appealing and engaging.

So, what is engaging content?

Simply put, how you want your customer or audience to interact with your business will give meaning to engaging content.

This could be through liking your pictures on the various social media platforms, sharing your content with others on similar avenues, or giving links directing them to a different page or site you would want to bring to their attention, etc.

Generally, engaging content implies that the content is appealing and attractive to the eyes of your audiences. It is interesting and grasps their attention, consequently compelling them to know more about your business.

Most importantly, it is how your audience connects and relates with content at any particular time that makes them want to know more about the brand that matters.

Here are a few strategies to help you make your content more engaging and appealing to your audience.

Effective ways to make your online content more compelling

Crafting quality content is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of hard work, research, and high-level thinking.

  1. Understand your audience

With the advancement of digital developments, businesses are able to learn more about their audience better.

Being present on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook helps you as a blogger and an entrepreneur interact with your audience at a more personal and direct level.

You can engage them directly by replying to their comments and consistently posting content to keep them engaged on your posts.

And to find out what they are interested in, you will have to customize your content to make it more relatable to them and then engage on social media.

For example, you can share your experience or hobbies, and everyone following you would love to engage you if they found the content relatable. Knowing how to tweak your content idea and engagement with clients can vary depending on your preferred strategy.

  1. Tell a story

Sharing authentic stories or content with your potential customers is the best way to connect with them and make them engaged with your content. People love hearing stories of how your business has helped others.

Furthermore, you can share how you started your blog or business. Doing this will emotionally attract customers since you will sound more personal. Your potential clients will connect with the stories you shared on social media pages, and many of them will relate and create an emotional bond with your brand.

For example, if run two pages in Facebook, with one sharing more motivating stories alongside products and services and another one strictly share consumables, the one with stories will have more followers.

This is so because customers interact well if there is something they can relate to. It boosts customers liking of the brand.

  1. Use your strengths

The best strategy for creating engaging content is to lean on your strength. If you know you are good at something, then leverage it to make an attractive social media presence for your audience.

The main business objective is to attract attention from as many people as possible. To achieve this, you have to use what you are comfortable doing. For example, many people tend to be camera shy, so any interactions involving videos won’t work well for others.

Also, if you are good at writing, you can express your stories and experience to the audience by penning them down in excellent writing. But if you feel writing will not relay the needed emotions, you can also use video or audio.

Infographics and memes are also a perfect medium for engagement between your brand and its audiences. Actually, memes are the trending means in social media of creating compelling content. Many of these memes are relatable and can be tweaked in a way that fits your preference.

The bottom line of adopting any method is to use what you feel is easier for you. And regardless of the strategy, remember to be consistent in doing it because it is unrealistic to start something you know you will continue doing.

  1. Create content with intent

To create engaging content, you need to have good reasons why you are making it. You need to have a clear purpose and direction.

You can create it to influence your audience, attract customers or make your customers trust your brand. Simply put, you need to be sure of the intentions and objectives of crafting the content.

After knowing why and to who you are creating the content for, you will create appealing components aligned to your goals. As a result, you will boost engagement on your posts because you have created something they are interested in.

Doing this will boost your content reach engagement because you will be giving clients the right message at the right time when they expect it the most.

Creating mature content and targeting the wrong audience will make your marketing strategies go to waste. Also, you might target the right audience, but you are not clear about your intentions, you will have a disconnection between your content and audience.

In this regard, it is imperative to have clear answers to these questions before investing your resources and time in setting a clear marketing strategy for your brand.

  1. Create valuable content for your audience

As a business that wants to boost its engagements to the clients, you need to create content that adds value to your brand and audience. When your target audience realizes that your contents are value additional, they will automatically become your potential customers and even repeat client.

To ensure your audiences are actively engaged, you should add value to whatever you are advertising, regardless of the advertising avenue. Be it video, memes, or graphics, make sure it has some values it can add to the audience.

Allow your potential customers to find something that is worth their interest and time. If it is not helpful or too general, the chances are that they will not be coming back to your page.

However, if they find your content helpful and addressing some aspects of life, your target audience will be impressed and come back to your site for more information.

Again, valuable contents are a great way of lead generation. Site visitors are attracted to informative and helpful content hence making them become loyal customers at long last.

Everybody loves good customer service at every stage of their shopping journey, so ensure you leverage this by offering mature and value-additional content before, during, and after purchase to improve your engagement.

  1. Create an emotional connection with your audience

A great way to connect and create an engagement with your audience is by relating to their emotions while understanding everything they are going through. You can also share your emotions with them to help them overcome whatever they might be going through.

Emotions are vital in making prospects believe in your brand, so it is the exact thing you need to do consistently. Design content that your audience can connect with emotionally and get satisfaction through reading it. This will make them follow you on all the social platforms and eventually become customers.

Connecting emotionally with your audience does not necessarily mean presenting something of emotional value; there are other ways to explore and still achieve it.

For instance, you can intrigue their thinking patterns by engaging them in content that supports a particular verdict, object to a view, or asking them their opinions on the current situation. Remember that your audience will always have an idea, whether it is positive or negative.

In conclusion, creating engaging content is not an easy task; it takes a lot of research, hard work, and critical thinking. Again it is not only about making the content; it needs some level of consistency in doing it.

Begin by researching more about your audience and understanding them in detail to tailor the contents to fit them. Incorporate stories, have your intentions right and produce valuable content while connecting emotionally with them.

Make your customers connect with your brand through the type of content you are creating. If you follow these guidelines correctly, you sure will improve your content reach engagement.

How to boost your content reach engagement

According to a finding by wiselytics, the average lifespan of your posts on Twitter is below three hours, and in Facebook, the visibility you receive is 75% of what you can get in total five minutes after your post is published.

These statistics show that there is a lot of content competing for views. Therefore, to get your content noticed, you need to have a strong distribution and placement strategy, not just having them published.

Here are some of the ways you can leverage to boost your content reach engagement.

1. Use relevant content distribution platforms

Though it is a great move to nurture your current relationships on your social media pages, this strategy does not focus entirely on generating new traffic. Thus, for new traffic, you will need to use other powerful and relevant external networks.

There are a plethora of avenues you can leverage to tap into these external platforms effectively. Here are a few you need to check out.

  • OutBrain

This is a web advertising avenue that shows boxes of links called chumboxes to other pages hosted within a website. You can post your content to have it hosted on premium websites like CNN.

Compared to other similar platforms, outbrain has better targeting and a lower cost per click. Also, it boasts of a high-quality cutoff, which still adds value to you since you will be in a better content company.

  • Common social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Sharing content across popular social media networks is an excellent way of increasing shares, boost visibility and promote content reach engagement. You can achieve this on all social sites.

However, it is crucial to consider which sites are your target audience has a vast presence. For instance, Facebook boasts of the most considerable number of active users and more helpful information you can target from them.

But as a B2B business, the ideal platform to boost your content would be LinkedIn. This is so because you can target people using their company names or job titles, something you cannot do on Facebook.

If you have great visual content, then there is no excellent avenue like Instagram for you. And for non-intrusive social media ads, Twitter’s “in-feed” is an ideal option since it fits in well with your posts without being too promotional.

  • Social influencer content promotion platforms

There are many social platforms you can use to connect with influencers to increase your visibility and boost shares at the same time. Here are examples.

You can use Klout to get influencers to share your posts in exchange for favors like free subscriptions and discounts. In Klout, the influencers are classified according to their area of influence. This makes your content distribution through them more direct and precise.

Another excellent example of a social influencer content promotion platform is DrumUp. It has an intelligent crawling system that works across sites to provide users with relevant keyword suggestions.

The posts are carefully placed to feature just on the rightful influencers’ feed, increasing the chances of being shared. So, according to which strategy you will choose, be rest assured that you will get the most of it if you use it correctly.

2. Share content through employee networks

There is no doubt that your employees should be part of your content marketing approach. A well-executed employee advocacy program has a lot of benefits ranging from improved visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Check out the strategies below on how to improve your content reach engagement by involving your employees.

  • Motivate your employees to write and share about your brand by offering incentives and rewards.
  • Make sharing simple and easy by using technology to connect your brands’ content with employees.
  • Allow employees to suggest posts and content about your brand that they feel relevant to them and other partners they interact with.
  • Design a platform that allows direct sharing to avoid employees logging in to their accounts every time they have something about your brand they need to share.

3. Re-purpose your content like it is part of your life

Content creation is challenging and time-consuming work, but it is inevitable too. By re-purposing your content, you justify the efforts you have put into creating it in the first place. Here are ways you can use to recycle one piece of content.

Have a look.

  1. Change your blog posts into infographics and distribute them across various platforms.

Using tools like Piktochart or , you can convert details of your blog posts into value-packed infographics. Distribute the infographics across all stock image platforms like Pexels, Flickr Pixabay, or any other photo directories you can find fitting your needs.

2. Convert your content into downloadable formats.

Change your guides into downloadable pdfs and have them available on your website using the various online pdf converter tools. Again, doing this is an excellent way of building your email list by acquiring them in exchange for whatever your website is offering.

Use the email list to expand your content reach to clients targeted across different platforms.

  • Convert your instructional content into video tutorials.
  • Change the content snippets into social media posts.

4. Use influencers

These should not be limited to those with substantial social media followers only, but any person who can bring meaningful impact on your brand. Do your homework properly when you search for influencers, knowing that the size of the followers does not matter but the person’s ability to deliver on your intended results.

Check out how you can get influencers’ interests and get attracted to your business.

  • Create contents that people would want to relate to.
  • Conduct interview sessions and ask for quotes.

5. Use communities to expand your content reach

Social scientists explain communities as places where people discuss important matters and seek advice and help whenever they need it. Having a presence within your community will make you the go-to person, giving your brand an added advantage.

Take note that the community will need some nurturing before they give you the full traction, so, for a start, you will share with them as others. Research your community, engage in discussions, and be value-additional.

Keep the following things in mind when sharing and distributing content in communities.

  • Follow community rules-each community have their unique set of rules to follow, ensure that you respect and observe them to details.
  • Avoid being over promotional-set some time to participate regularly in the community activities by sharing valuable and non-promotional content before presenting your brands’.
  • Craft value-adding and custom descriptions.-always strive to add value in your community posts apart from just sharing links. Include an interesting fact or a simple personalized-one liner about the content you are sharing.
  • Make your shares stand out; strive to make your contents stand out among competitors; you can use images, fun, or graffiti writing depending on the taste of your target audience.


Obviously, you have heard the phrase “content is the king.” And while it has been viewed as a way to set yourself apart from competitors, it is necessary for most businesses now more than ever.

Content marketing has become the heart of most brands lately due to the positive results it has displayed. However, this marketing strategy does not end at simply creating the content; it needs to reach your target audience in a more engaging way.

Follow the steps outlined in this post properly to boost your content reach engagement across preferred platforms. In summary, choose a relevant distribution channel, re-purpose content and share them with your employees.

Also, use an influencer marketing approach and use your community to enhance your content reach engagement. Good Look.