Live Chat Software for Shopify

If you are among those who have been waiting for a possibility to integrate Live Chat with your Shopify Store, then today is your lucky day! We are now proud to announce our brand new Shopify App, which you can use to integrate HelpOnClick Live Chat within your Store.

Now, you can enjoy the great features offered by HelpOnClick, by easily installing it on your store. Get the 14 days FREE Trial Now, so you can experience the benefits of using Live Chat on your website.

Shopify on App Store


Your advantages:

  • Add Live Chat to your Shopify Store in a matter of minutes, with an easy to use, straightforward tool.
  • Improve your customer service FAST and EASY, by being available via Live Chat, whenever your potential customers need assistance.
  • Know how your visitors reach your website and what they are looking for, so you can recommend relevant offers via Live Chat, converting more visitors into satisfied customers.
  • Monitor your website real time traffic and easily send automatic and manual invitations to visitors, to increase your chance of growing your sales volume.
  • Easy customization – you can set your custom text, theme, pre-chat survey and many more elements, so that they will fit your website perfectly.
  • Comprehensive statistics on your chats, operator performance, visitor activity and more.
  • Mobile Chat via SMS so you can provide your customers the support they deserve, from anywhere you are.

Go to our Addons section for an easy installation guide.

Is this feature useful for you? Do you have questions suggestions or comments? Tell us more, below this post, or Contact us for assistance. Our support team will be more than happy to help.

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