Live Chat Software Solution Your Ecommerce Should Have in 2023

As the e-commerce industry grows exponentially, it becomes imperative for businesses to provide superior customer support in real-time. One such tool that has become indispensable in the e-commerce arsenal is live chat software.

It provides customers with immediate, real-time support, drastically improving customer satisfaction and, ultimately, sales.

Whether you’re a small business owner or managing a large enterprise, live chat for e-commerce is a must-have in 2023. Let’s dive into why live chat software is essential for your e-commerce business, and explore the best solutions available in the market.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is an online communication tool that allows website visitors to interact in real-time with a business’s customer service representatives or sales agents.

Unlike traditional forms of customer support, such as email or phone calls, live chat facilitates immediate conversations directly on a website, giving users a more streamlined and efficient way to get answers to their questions or address their concerns.

How Does Live Chat Operate?

Integration on Websites: Live chat systems typically operate through a piece of JavaScript or a widget that’s embedded in a website. Once you integrate live chat software, a chat icon or popup appears, usually in the bottom right corner of the web page.

Automatic Proactive Messages: Some live chat systems can proactively send messages to website visitors based on certain triggers. For example, if a user spends a certain amount of time on a page or if they visit a particular product page, the chat system can automatically send a message like “Need help with this product?”

Routing & Queues: When a user initiates a chat, it’s routed to the next available agent. Some sophisticated systems can route chats based on the specific needs or queries of the user. For instance, sales inquiries might go to the sales team while technical issues are directed to support agents.

Chatbots and AI: With advancements in AI, many live chat systems now use chatbots to handle basic inquiries, gather preliminary information, and assist users. If the chatbot can’t resolve the issue, it transfers the chat to a human agent.

Integrations: Modern live chat solutions often integrate with other tools, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, email marketing platforms, and analytics tools. This allows businesses to store chat histories, recognize returning visitors, and provide personalized assistance.

Data Collection: Beyond the immediate conversation, live chat tools can also collect data about user behavior, the frequency and types of questions asked, agent performance, and more. This data can be invaluable for improving customer support strategies and overall user experience.

End of Chat: Once the user’s query is resolved, the chat can be ended either by the user or the agent. Often, there’s an option to rate the chat experience or provide feedback. This feedback can be crucial for businesses to improve their support quality.

The Importance of Live Chat for Ecommerce

  1. Improving Customer Experience

Studies have shown that customers who chat with a business are three times more likely to make a purchase.

A recent study by Forrester found that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Live chat for e-commerce not only improves the user experience but also builds trust and increases sales.

  1. Cost-effective Customer Support

Live chat software offers a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle customer inquiries. With a single support agent being able to manage multiple chats simultaneously, live chat is more scalable and cost-efficient than traditional phone support. According to a study by Aberdeen Group, live chat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call.

  1. Increase in Sales and Conversions

Live chat allows e-commerce businesses to proactively reach out to visitors, helping to resolve their queries and assist in making purchase decisions.

As a result, businesses with website chat software have experienced a significant increase in sales and conversions. A report by eMarketer found that consumers who use live chat are more likely to buy, and those who don’t are likely to abandon their carts.

live chat for ecommerce

Top Live Chat Software for Ecommerce in 2023

Intercom – A customer messaging platform that offers advanced features like automated chatbots, personalized messages, and integrations with other tools.

Zendesk – Provides a simple and effective way to connect with customers, manage support requests, and track customer interactions. – A free live chat application that allows businesses to interact with customers directly from their website.

Olark – Offers customizable chat widgets, automated messaging, and integrations with CRM systems.

Drift – Focuses on conversational marketing and sales, offering advanced chatbot features and robust integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is live chat software expensive?

Most live chat software solutions offer tiered pricing based on your business needs. There are also free options like Regardless of the cost, investing in live chat software can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

  1. Is live chat software difficult to set up?

No, most live chat software solutions are user-friendly and offer simple installation and setup processes. Usually, you just need to copy a code snippet into your website’s HTML.

  1. Can I integrate live chat software with other tools?

Yes, most live chat software solutions offer integration with popular CRM systems, email marketing tools, and e-commerce platforms.


In conclusion, live chat for e-commerce is a must-have for businesses in 2023. It not only improves customer experience but is also a cost-effective way to provide customer support.

By proactively addressing customer queries, businesses can significantly increase sales and conversions. With a range of live chat software solutions available, it’s easier than ever to integrate this powerful tool into your e-commerce platform.