How to Improve Your Live Chat Service: Chat Scripts

Live chat on websites is mostly used for sales and customer service. Technical support mostly requires technical knowledge, but how do you make sure that your sales operators perform good job? Consider using Chat Scripts.

You might have hired experienced operators who know perfectly how to communicate with potential customers. They close the best deals and make your potential customers love your products and services. But you have probably noticed that sales results of your operators can differ greatly. What if your best agent quits your company? Will you be able to keep your service standards on the same level?

Live Chat Scripts

The best way of performing great quality services is to be independent form particular operators. That is why you need best practice live chat scripts.

You might think of canned messages, but it is not the same. Canned messages are used for quick answers to particular questions, but they do not lead you to closing a sale. Chat scripts show you how to lead customer’s thoughts and attention, how to handle rejections and address concerns, how to disclose their real needs. Those are the chat scripts that every chat agent should learn by heart. Thus you make sure that all your chat agents meet your service standards.

How to compose sales chat scripts? You’ll need to apply your skills in analytics. Read your chat history, compare the scripts that led to sales with those that led to nothing and find the differences. Remember your experience in offline sales: how do sales agents communicate with customers? How do they lead customers to a purchase? Which questions do they ask? Sum up the best practices and compose sales scripts. Make sure that your operators follow the scripts while chatting.

It’s important that you monitor chat activities and see how the new scripts work. Most probably they will need some tweaks after the first test. Don’t be afraid to make changes. Experiment with texts and conversation structure; find what works best for you.

We’ll be glad to see your questions on the topic. Probably you’ll share your scripts with us for a discussion, we are here to help.