5 Customer Service Trends You Should Not Ignore in 2017

No company can achieve high profitability today without focusing on improving the customer service. Every year new studies suggest the importance of customer experience in achieving business success. This is a fact that has been realized by most businesses today as Forrester found above 72 percent consider customers service as their top priority. Therefore, consider looking onto the new customer service trends for your customers’ satisfaction.

customer service trends

So, it’s important for a company to remain up-to-date about the most recent customer service trends. Paying close attention to what’s trending can pay dividends in the form of above average profits.

Top 5 customer service trends

1. Focus on Generation Z

An effective customer service using digital communication channels is important for both the millennials, and particularly the generation that follows. A Pew research found that generation Z (1995-2010) outnumbers Millennials by 3 million and has a buying power more than $44 billion. It is a generation that you should not ignore when it comes to customer service.

2. Social Media Live Chat Integration

Another important trend is integration of social media live chat. With billions of active users, Facebook is a gold mine for businesses. The messaging feature of the platform provides many benefit to the businesses including:

  • Providing a positive customer experience
  • Immediate response to customer concerns
  • Delivering personalized customer experience

Today no business can ignore social media integration. It is a cornerstone of effective customer service strategy.

3. Interactive Messaging Support

Messenger apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik and many others are gaining popularity among the customers in 2017. A number of companies are leveraging from the growing use of messenger applications to offer enhanced customer service through instant setup chat software.

The Dutch airlines, KLM, for example allow customers to manage the booking using the Facebook Messenger application. You can get updates, download the boarding pass, and contact the customer support personnel using the messenger applications.

4. Online Chat Widget

The use of online chat widget is also increasing in 2017.Instant Setup Chat software allow real time communication with the customers from the website platform. It allows instant one-on-one supports that result in improved and personalized customer service.

5. Personalization is Becoming Important

Personalized customer service is increasingly becoming essential for businesses.  A recent Microsoft Global Customer Service Report had stated that 72 percent of the clients now expect the customer service personnel to know about third service history. The idea of personalization has been around for decades, but it is gaining increased prominence today.

The above are some of the most recent trends in the customer service segment. In the coming years, we can expect increased integration of digital communication channels. Companies that adopt the latest customer service approach will be able to capture attention of the customers, and gain competitive advantage over the rivals.  Without keeping up-to-date about the customer service trends, a company won’t be able to make a good impression on the customers. In the context of customer service, companies need to either shape up or ship out.